Paintings by Kenichi Hoshine
A selection of beautiful paitings by Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based artist Kenichi Hoshine. You can see more of his works here.
Elle Brazil January 2017
Scandinavian Home with Grey Accents

Dressing classy is something a lot of people try to do, but many fail at. It is the kind of style that never goes out of fashion, and has an exclusive kind of air about it - probably explaining why it is so hard to pin down. After all, if everyone cavorted around in the same look day in, day out, it wouldn't be quite so special. You might think that you need to have quite a bit of money to be able to dress in such a timeless way, but this is where you are wrong. You don't actually need to spend a lot of money in order to create an 'expensive' kind of look. It is more about having an eye for detail, choosing your pieces wisely and of course, wearing it with confidence. Read on to find out how you can bring style to your wardrobe - after all, style never goes out of fashion.
Pretty And Practical: Tech For The Home
If you’re into home décor like a lot of our readers, then when you’re buying things for the home the main thing on your mind is probably going to be the aesthetic appeal. While I totally understand the want to live in a beautiful home, it’s important to give some thought to more practical features every now and then. It’s 2017 now, and there are many pieces of tech on the market which can make our home lives so much easier. Here are a few to consider. . .
Lovely Scandinavian Home With Wood Details
Joseph  Pre-fall 2017 Collection