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Do you have furniture that is in dire need of a facelift? Whether your piece is outdated or you’ve recently purchased a used piece that is in need of some TLC, we’ve got you covered. Refurbishing furniture is a fun way to bring a piece back to life.

If you’re not sure where to begin, keep reading to learn a few ways on how you can refurbish furniture.

Change the Paint

This option is more of the obvious choices but you’d be surprised how a simple change of paint color can completely transform your current piece of furniture. If your item is stained, sand it down and apply a different shade of stain, or choose a paint color to apply.


Get creative and find a new purpose for your furniture. If you have a cabinet that has been holding dishes in your dining room since you moved in, it may be time to repurpose that cabinet into a new coffee station or perhaps move it into a new room entirely.

Don’t let the primary reason you purchased a certain piece of furniture a few years ago be the only purpose it serves throughout the years.

Add or Take Away

Minor details can go a long way. Consider adding new hardware to cabinets or replacing the fabric on outdated designs on chairs. You can also take away items such as drawers in a dresser allowing for a larger, open space in the dresser to display items.

Small additions like wallpaper to the back of bookshelves help bring more character into these pieces.

Think Twice

The next time you have a piece of furniture that is ready for the junkyard, think twice. Even if the item is missing a significant piece such as a leg to a table or chair or the main piece of glass to a cabinet. You can find new uses for these items or find a more unique way to implement what is missing.

For example, a missing piece of glass on a display cabinet may look great as is or by adding a new type of covering such as chicken wire or doors.

Making something old or damaged look brand new or unique is truly an art and will become a well appreciated furniture piece within your home. If you are looking for a new home, search Los Angeles homes for sale for the perfect place to implement refurbished pieces of furniture.

Smiling doesn't just make you feel good, it also brightens the day of those around you. A smile is contagious, and even if you don't feel all that happy, making yourself smile has been proven to improve your mood and your confidence levels. But what if you're worried about your teeth? Well, fear not, we've got a strategy you can follow to get your pearly whites sparkling.

If Your Foundations Need Some Work
Cracked or missing teeth are one of the most common confidence crushing issues. Luckily, they're also one of the simplest to fix. A good set of dental veneers will have you grinning again in next to no time. The investment is also surprisingly small for the results you get.

If You've Got Discoloration Or Staining
Professional teeth whitening is the obvious go-to for this one, but if you haven't got the budget, would prefer a DIY approach, or simply want some tips for keeping your teeth white after treatment, this section is for you.

We all know that there are food and drinks that stain our teeth (coffee and red wine, for example), but did you know that certain foods can help whiten them? There are a whole host of snacks that can provide natural whitening benefits, so if you're after a bit of a boost, it might be time to increase the amount of these foods in your diet.

If You Have Crooked Teeth
Crooked teeth are far more common than you may think. While braces were once your only option, there are now many teeth straightening treatments available. Which one is best for you will depend on your personal situation, so have a chat with your dentist.

There's still a chance that braces will be the most appropriate choice, but they're no longer the only one so if you've been putting off doing something about crooked teeth because you don't want them, it's worth looking into.

If You Have Sensitive Teeth
Did you know that around an eighth of all adults experience sensitive teeth? That splitting pain can feel like a curse, but there are a few things you can do to help limit the issue. Switching to a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth is the best place to start, but you can also experiment with home remedies to see what works best for you. Just remember to consult with your dentist if the pain is unbearable or persistent.

If You’re Only Concerned About Maintenance
Maintaining healthy teeth is just as important as fixing those that have issues. Brushing regularly, flossing, and using a good quality mouthwash can all assist with this. However, if you're serious about keeping your pearly whites in top shape, nothing beats visiting your dentist and working out a personalized plan together. Like every other part of your body, your teeth have unique needs based on your lifestyle and other circumstances, so it only makes sense to care for them appropriately.

A smile is one of the nicest things you can share, and you shouldn't let self-doubt or a lack of confidence get in the way of that. These strategies will help you fix any issues and key your teeth in tip-top shape. Just remember, these problems are nothing to be ashamed of. They're quite common and easy to fix, so stop stressing and start smiling. After all, when you smile, the world smiles with you.

The athleisure trend was born out of the intersection between workout clothes and casuals. Fashion is an ever-evolving industry and new trends are always cropping up to change how we think of and wear our clothes.

Ovens are some of the most reliable appliances in our households, and definitely, one that we tend to take for granted. One day, your rusty ol’ reliable might give its final burst of heat and retire for good. Or, it may continue to work but a little less reliably. How can you tell when your oven is on its last legs and ready to be replaced? There are five important clues that you should never ignore:

1. The Interior Is Rusty And Old

Grime and dirt can be cleaned, rust, however, can not. Small rust spots indicate that you will need to start budgeting and researching which oven you’d like to replace it with. You could look at some modern technology which is safer and easier to operate, like cookware for induction. Significant rust is a sign that it’s time to replace your oven immediately. Not only can rust hamper your oven’s performance, but it can also result in food that has not experienced even heat distribution - roasts that are well done on one side but rare on the other - won’t do.

2. Electric? The Temperature Settings Seem Unreliable

The heating element is responsible for grilling, baking, and roasting at the correct temperature. If you’re still preparing the same foods you always have but finding the oven is getting too hot or not warm enough, the heating element might be past its performance point. It’s probably more cost-effective to replace the oven than to have it repaired. If you ever dreamed of a larger more modern oven, this is your opportunity! Newer technology is always exciting.

3. Gas? Your Oven Battles To Light

Struggling to ignite your gas oven and get it going? Older gas ovens can be tricky, however, getting a light going should never be exasperating. There are a number of reasons you can experience this - it could a problem with the pilot light, a leak somewhere, or a lack of oxygen. As you can imagine, a leak can be incredibly dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a legitimate hazard, especially if you’re reaching all the way into the oven and having to stay there to try and turn it on.

4. It’s Consuming Enormous Amounts of Electricity

Have you formed a correlation between your oven use and spikes in electricity consumption? It’s not supposed to be that way. Ovens do require substantial power to reach their required temperatures, but it shouldn’t make a noticeable dent in your power budget each month. This is a clear sign it’s time for a new oven - in fact - the money you save in electricity consumption almost justifies the purchase!

5. It’s Super Noisy

Does our oven make a rattling noise when it’s in use? What about ticking sounds? Loose internal parts can be incredibly dangerous and warrant a replacement oven as soon as possible. It is advisable to stop using your oven until you have had the noise assessed and repaired, or the entire unit replaced.

As if you needed an excuse to upgrade your kitchen, a faulty oven is not only difficult to work with and detrimental to your cooking, it can be dangerous to have in the home. There is newer technology that offers a safer way to prepare food. When your oven reaches the end of is life, it can be the exciting start of new a culinary adventure for you - right in your own kitchen!

Would you want to transform into a forest nymph, an avenging superhero, or a family of great gods and goddesses?

Turn your whimsical dreams into reality through fantasy photography.

A Flash of Fancy

It does not matter whether it’s kids or kids-at-heart, fantasy photography is something that wonderfully brings people’s rich imagination to life. At the hands of a professional photographer, you can have amazing photos and have them altered so you can look like the fictional characters that you have always wanted to be.

With the aid of modern photographic software technology, your professionally shot photos or studio portraits can be converted into personalized fantasy scenes. Usually, children clamor for such pictures but there’s no hard and fast rule that adults cannot be transformed into mighty beings – even if it’s just in photos.

Playing pretend is one of the most loved activities of children, and fantasy photography is one way of making their fantastical imaginings come true. Parents, friends, and loved ones can surely join and make the pictorial session a bonding moment.

Whether the photos are to be used for special occasions like birthdays or simply to give in to flights of fancy, fantasy photographs are something to be enjoyed and treasured.

If you want to have a truly memorable and successful fantasy photography session, here are some top tips to remember:

1. Know what you want.

Before anything else, you need to first decide on how you want your photographs to turn out. If it’s your kids who want to have a whole portfolio of fantasy photographs, then you have to sit them down and ask what they envision themselves to be.

Some kids are dead set on what they want while others change their minds in a flash. You need to patiently explain that once they decide on something, then they have to commit to it so the shoot can go smoothly.

If you plan to join the pictorial, then make sure that everyone is in complete accord. Gather everyone who is joining the pictorial session and decide what your concept will be. It is important that everyone has unanimously agreed on the theme so the shoot can be an enjoyable moment together.

2. Choose a photographer.

When you have your concept down pat, then it is time to look for a professional photographer or studio that can effectively bring your fantasies to life. It is always a good idea to choose a professional photographer so you are assured of high quality photographs. At the same time, their experience and expertise can help you come up with poses that look best in the photos.

You can look up studios that specialize in fantasy photography on the Internet or ask around for recommendations from trusted family or friends. When you have checked out the photographer’s credentials and portfolio, make a shortlist of the best ones, and arrange to meet with them in person.

Meeting with the photographers on your list will help you decide on the best one. Not only will you be able to personally see their body of work, but you will also get a feel of how it is to work with them. Establishing rapport is a key ingredient in having a successful shoot. If you do not click right away, then it might not be a good idea to pursue working with them. Choose one that ticks all the buttons on your criteria list.

3. Finalize your plans.

Once you have discussed and ironed out the details with your photographer, it is time to finalize all the details for the shoot.

If you require costumes, then make sure that these are all available at least a week before the pictorial. This will give you enough time for fittings and adjustments if any. If your costumes are tailor-made, give the atelier clear instructions especially regarding the time and date that you will need the ensemble.

You might want to also have your hair and make-up professionally done for the shoot. You can either ask the artist to come to your home or you can schedule an appointment with your trusted salon. There are beauty salons that do not only give facials and hair treatments but also specialize in services like rainbow manicures and pedicures, mermaid and unicorn braids, or glitter hair extensions.

Have a Magical Shoot

When you have done your homework and finalized all the details for the pictorial, then all you need to do is to enjoy the session.

Make sure you and your brood have slept well before the day of the pictorial and have eaten a hearty meal. Tiny tummies need to be well-fed, so there’s a lesser chance for tantrums.

Most of all, just remember to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Genuinely loving every moment will likely show in the photos, and this will be something to cherish for all the years to come.


Stefanie Descheemaecker is the Studio Manager at Stu Williamson Photography at The Palm Jumeirah - Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. She has been with the company for almost 3 years and is the driving force behind the success of the business. A keen amateur photographer, Stef combines her natural creative eye with strong business acumen to help Stu Williamson Photography become the most trusted and successful photography business in the UAE.