Hayan Whitening Serum

"This serum gives lifeless skin brightness and life. It gives energy to tired skin and brightens dark skin tones. It transforms it into a healthier complexion. It hinders melanin production as it changes skin to a beautiful complexion in a dramatic and gradual effect."

Hello everyone! Here I am again with yet another Hayn Korean Cosmetics product review. This one was also sent to me by Hayan Korea together with the lotion (review here) and the bb cream (review here) for review purposes.

So, first of all let me just say that this is the first for me to use a whitening serum. The main reason why is because most or if not, all of the serums that I see available in the market these days are really expensive like, they cost more than P1,000 and as I have tons of priorities in life, spending thousands of pesos just for a beauty product isn't really my type. Okay, enough of the blabs... let's now proceed to my thoughts on Hayan Korea's Whitening Serum.

First of all, here is what the product claims (copied on the box) :

"This serum gives lifeless skin brightness and life. It gives energy to tired skin and brightens dark skin tones. It transforms it into a healthier complexion. It hinders melanin production as it changes skin to a beautiful complexion in a dramatic and gradual effect."

In terms of packaging, I actually like it. The white frosted glass container made the product look very expensive and classy. It also comes with a pipette which allows you to dispense just the right amount of serum that you will need. Well actually I am not surprised anymore when I saw it's packaging because as we all - already know that korean cosmetics companies are really good when it comes to packaging and presenting their products. Almost all of the korean cosmetics that I seen in the market are very appealing.

The consistency of the serum is runny, it's thicker than water (oil like if I must say) but it's not greasy nor oily. Once applied onto your face it is absorbed easily, aside from that you can also feel that it's very light and it glides smoothly. As for the smell, it is actually very fragrant but the scent is not too strong. I actually find the scent of this serum very soothing which reminds me of fresh flowers.

Overall, having tried this for almost one month (and I am still using this regularly) I can already see that my skin becomes a tad lighter, more healthy looking and softer. Aside from that, I also did not encounter even a single skin irritation. However, as for the blemishes part I don't feel like it does not made my blemishes and other skin imperfections less visible but nonetheless I still love this product and I am hoping to see more changes on my skin on the coming weeks.
DISCLAIMER: A sample of this product was given to me for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


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May need some!? Because I'm noticing a bunch of age spots, and I'm at a loss for a product that actually will even my skin tone back out.

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