In Other News: I Bought A New Bag . . .

"Lovin' this new bag that I bough earlier while at the mall as it fits my camera and other essentials perfectly. And the color is nice too!"

completely obsessed with the blubblegum blue and gold combination of this bag!

Hooray!!! I finally got the bag which I have been meaning to purchase for like more than a month now. Actually, the first time that I saw this bag was when my cousin and I went to the mall. The moment I saw it I already liked it (love at first sight lang teh?!) because of it's color and size which I found very perfect as it can fit my camera and some of my essentials.

After seeing the bag I though that I will never see this style again since when we first saw it there were really a lot of people purchasing on the section where this was located but fortunately, when I went back to the mall to use the gc's that I got from an event that I attended a couple of weeks ago, this bag is still on the bag section where I first saw it though unlike before wherein this one is available in a lot of colors, this time there are only two colors left, the bubblegum blue and gray. Even though I am a huge fan of dark colors when it comes to bags, I have decided to go with something bright this time.

The brand of the bag is called Belladonna, which I haven't heard of yet but anyway, brand / label doesn't really matter to me at all as long as the bag looks chic and it is sturdy then I'll buy it. As I have said, the brand is very new to me but based on the styles of the bag I saw earlier from them, I must say that they're really good. Aside from the fact that the style of their bags are really stylish and perfect for teens, they're very affordable too.