Nichido True Colors Powder Blush

"Nichido True Colors Powder Blush - another pocket friendly drugstore makeup which you will definitely love to use."

I am a huge fan of budget friendly yet high quality products ever since my highschool days. I always look for something does the job just like those expensive ones without breaking the bank. When it comes to beauty products specifically cosmetics and when it comes to finding the most affordable cosmetics one of my favorite go-to place is no less than Watsons as they have a wide range of affordable cosmetics as well as other health and beauty products.

Anyway, for today's post let me share to you one of my (many) favorite drugstore makeup which is the Nichido True Colors Powder Blush. This blusher have been one of my favorite for like a very long time now because of a couple of reasons; #1. It is VERY affordable, each pot costs only Php 88.00 (around $2.00). #2. It does the job. If I'm not mistaken (and correct me if I'm wrong.) this specific product from Nichido comes in more than five different shades but my favorite of all shade is the Tomato as it is the most natural looking shade.

If going to be compared with other blushers available in the market, the powder of this one is not extremely fine but it's soft and blendable. The blusher itself has a matte finish which I look for in every blusher that I purchase since I'm not into all those glittery ones. The lasting power of this one is pretty commendable too,it takes around 4-5 hours before it needs to be re-applied.

Overall, for it's price which is Php 88.00 (around $2.00) this product is definitely worth every single penny. I recommend this Nichido True Colors Powder Blush for people especially students who wants to use something that is budget friendly and good quality.

Nichido Cosmetics is available at Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide. To know more about Nichido Cosmetic, you may visit them on their Facebook page.
FYI: This product is bought using my own money. All product reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of its author.


Sara Chergui said...

Looks like such a nice product !! Love the picture !

Effie. said...

I love its colour!

Rakel said...

lovely color!

Paola Lauretano said...

I love this color!!!!!
Kisses honey!!!

Alessandra Heidelberg said...

Beautiful colors

Francy Stef said...

Gorgeous product!!!
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Vale ♥ said...

Wow, what a gorgeous color <3

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Federica Colombo said...

Cool! I really like your blog !

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the chilicool said...

Beautiful post!!!

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Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

what a gorgeous color!!!
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Coco said...

It sounds perfect and I love that apricot shade! I just realised I wasn't following you via bloglovin yet! Following now, will you please do the same hun? Thanks!!
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ELISA said...

never tried this blush!
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S said...

It's the perfect blush!!!
I want that me too!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Way back when I wasn't that much into makeups - I use Nichido din though right now, I use more on cream based makeup - including with blushes as they look much more natural and the color indeed stays. Nonetheless, Nichido is a good brand and cheap too! Hindi mabigat sa bulsa, hihi!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard about this brand before. Thank you for introducing!

Carmen said...

Unfortunately I don´t know the brand but the shade looks lovely :) Also you have some amazing pics and great design over here!

Kim Alston said...

It's really beautiful! Love the color of it!

Beauty-Unearthly said...

hi dear!
blush is really great=) love these colors!

I flw on your blog, hope you flw me back

Lizzy said...

i like the color!

Am2Pm Chic said...

Pretty color.

Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

wooow.. their blush's color looks nice ah.. parang natural lang siya. nice nice :)

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing review! So great:)

Genzel Kisses said...

I love Nichido too, so is my mom :) She is the one who introduced it to me. I have the same line of blush, it's Rum shade I think. This one looks so natural on the face I bet. :)

Rachael Linton said...

Love the blog layout!
This blush is the perfect shade! xx

Rachael | beautypea

Martina Mcfarlane said...

love your blog!, I'm your newest follower :)

Monchi said...

what a nice color
and its so perfect wanna touch it jaja
xoxo from argentina


Mary Kapsi said...

amazing colour!
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ayman mania said...

beautiful casual all look…Such an inspiration and awesome look different from others!

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