NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White

"The first deodorant with 48-hour and anti-perspirant protection that leaves no white marks on dark fabric and also minimizes yellow stains on light-colored clothes"

Most common among the problems one encounters when using a deodorant are having stains left on the fabric of their clothing after use. A deodorant can cause two types of stains on clothing. The white marks that appear on dark textiles immediately after application are mostly residues of the antiperspirant salts used in the deodorant, which may be a temporary annoyance, but can be generally washed out without too much difficulty.

the cause of the second type of stain - yellowish stains in the underarm area on light fabrics don't appear immediately after deodorant is applied but often after several washes. They wont come out with laundry detergent anymore and they get more noticeable over time as the fibers (of the textile) harden. This can make garments unwearable.

Over the past seven years the scientists at Beiersdorf have been thinking in black and white, developing a new generation of deodorants that leave no white marks on dark fabrics and also minimize yellow stains on light-colored textiles. NIVEA's product developers joined forces with the textile experts at the Hohenstein Institute to identify the cause of the problem.

The result of the successful search is a textile protection technology, a sensational innovation that can be found in new deodorants from NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White. With the technology, the substances that cause staining cannot adhere so effectively to the fibers, so they're easier to remove during washing.

NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White - making sure black stays black and white stays white for longer, so your favorite clothes look their best. Now you can enjoy the colorful moments of life with reliable protection.

The new NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White is now available in stores nationwide.

Price range:
NIVEA Men Deodorant Invisible for Black & White Power Spray 150ml -- Php 170.00
NIVEA Men Deodorant Invisible for Black & White Power Roll-on 25ml; 50ml -- Php 50.00; Php 89.00

NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White Clear Spray -- Php 170.00
NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White Roll-on 25ml; 50ml -- Php 50.00; Php 89.00

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Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

Yay! good for you, you can test this out na. Ako I can't :( I don't use deos kase ever since. huhuhu.. might ask boyfie to review it for me nalang. hahahaha :D

Sara Chergui said...

The pictures look really cool ! :) love it !
I am starting a giveaway on my blog if you are interested ! It's free ! :)


Alessandra Heidelberg said...

Great, I want to try it

Guy Overboard said...

Is ok for men?

Into The Blush said...

thank you! xx

Into The Blush said...

awww. :( pero in all fairness, these deos smells super nice. Especially the black one even if it's for guys.

Make your boyfie a guest blogger nalang. Hihi <3

Into The Blush said...

yes, the black one (which I am holding on the photo) is for guys. While the white one on the box is for girls. You should try it. :)

Jenny said...

I absolutely have to try it! :D
I love your blog! Follow each other? :)


CoutureTrend Jessica said...

Great product!

Couture Carrie said...

Sounds awesome!


Roberta Mirata said... uso sempre e solo niveaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) sia deodorante ma anche la crema :)


Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

nivea products are the best!
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Effie. said...

I hate those white stains! Especially when I see last blouse in my size in the store and it has gross white marks that someone left after trying it on... Use NIVEA everybody! :)

Anonymous said...

Nivea it's best
love that post
bonne journée !

Lilli said...

I've already tried it and is really good!:) Have a good weekend! xo

Into The Blush said...

awww! that totally sucks. Yes, all people should try this new formula done by NIVEA. :)

Francy Stef said...

Great review!!
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Nowak said...

great post! like it a lot!

Paola Lauretano said...

I know it.... it's a good product!!!!
Kisses hun!

S said...

It seems a great product!
Amazing photos!

Faty&Sury said...

Very interesting this post!
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Lauren said...

Nivea is the best drug store brand ever! I think its been around for a very long time : ).

Lauren at adorn la femme

Denisa said...

I like Nivea and I have more products from that brand. Have a nice weekend.

anoddgirl said...

i've tried this before and it's good :)

Drag2Kart said...
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