5 Pinay YouTube Beauty Gurus You Should Subscribe To (If you haven't yet!)

There are so many beauty gurus sharing tons of their beauty tips and tricks online, especially on Youtube like Michelle Phan, Pixiwoo, Blair Fowler, Tanya burr, Wayne Alan Goss and Lisa Eldridge to name a few. I really admire these online personalities as they are very inspiring. By watching their videos you can see how much dedication, time and effort they have poured to their chosen craft. . .

Aside from the mentioned international beauty gurus above I also do admire plenty of local beauty gurus and for this post, I compiled five of them. I actually had a hard time on choosing who to feature on this post as I literally love all the local beauty gurus that I am subscribed to as they all are doing a good job in showcasing their knowledge when it comes to beauty. Below are five of my favorites. They are pretty much famous already so I'm not surprise anymore if you already know them but for those who haven't seen any of their videos and subscribe to their yet then now is the perfect time to do so.

Who: Ana Victorino (youtube channel)
Three Most Viewed Videos:
Everyday Makeup Routine - 510,135 views
Modern Barbie Makeup Tutorial - 297,563 views
Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Tutorial - 188,308 views

Who: Shebby Liquete (youtube channel)
Three Most Viewed Videos:
Budget Friendly Makeup (School or Work) - 8,554 views
500 Pesos Makeup Challenge (Back to School Edition) - 8,299 views
Easy Glowing Summer Makeup - 7,897 views

Who: Bing Castro (youtube channel)
Three Most Viewed Videos:
Makeup Tutorial Using Local Products - 20,380 views
1-Brand Makeup Tutorial feat. EVER BILENA/CARELINE - 9,606 views
Simple and Affordable Graduation Makeup Tutorial - 4,034 views

Who: Noe Mae Villagonzalo (youtube channel)
Three Most Viewed Videos:
Sexy Club Makeup Look - 115,436 views
Foundation Routine (Contour & Highlight) - 100,454 views
How to become an ANGEL - 63,881 views

Who: Charmaine Manansala (youtube channel)
Three Most Viewed Videos:
A "Carefree" Bun Hair Tutorial ♥ (DIY sock bun) - 882,270 views
Favorite Self-Tanners - 72,602 views
Messy Curls Hair Tutorial for short/medium hair - 61,386 views

As I've said earlier, these are just five of the many Pinay Youtube Beauty Gurus that I follow and check the channel every so often. (I might do a part two of this post!), I hope that you guys liked this post and of course, don't forget to watch their videos and subscribe to their channel!