In Other News: New Parisian Sandals

"say hello to my new strappy sandals from Parisian which is so perfect for running errands and strolling at the mall."
so, a few days ago I showed to you all my newest bag (see the post here). Actually, I forgot to mention o that post that aside from the bag I also purchased a new sandals so here, I have decided to just make a separate post about it.

I've been looking for this sort of strappy sandals for ages now but it was really hard to find one since most of the strappy sandals I see have heels. There's a lot of this kind of sandals online but most are from international shops so basically, if I will purchase from them it might take weeks before the item arrive and I. AM. NOT. FOND. OF. WAITING ... kidding! I saw this one from Parisian (Php 699.75), while checking on their wide range of stunning shoes. I actually didn't know that they carry such sort of footwear since most or if not all of the shoes I saw from them are high heels. Anyway, since I'm the type of person who loves wearing comfy clothes and shoes I find this one really perfect. The color and style is very nice and versatile so I can pair this one up with almost everything that's in my closet and it's super comfy too.