Link Lovin' #3

"six links curated by ITB's Kenny Manalad featuring tutorials, news and photography worth visiting for a leisurely weekend."

•Haircut Alert! Beyoncé Joins Pixie Brigade... But wait, isn't she on tour? What's going to happen when she stands in front of a wind machine? [Allure]

• Michelle Phan is launching her own makeup line which will be called EM. [MichellePhan]

• Got sensitive skin or eyes? If so, then Clinique's latest nail polish line is definitely something you should try. [BeautyEditor]

• Unlike tipping your waiter at a restaurant, figuring out dollar amounts to give your stylists and clinicians can be complicated. So learn the right tipping amount on Beautylish. [Beautylish]

• Oprah wears an enormous yet slimming afro hair for the September cover of O, The Oprah Magazine. [TheCut]

• On Friday, Marc Jacobs releases his 122-piece beauty collection at Sephora. Now comes news that he'll be unleashing a free-standing beauty store in NYC's West Village. [TotalBeauty]


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Can't wait to see Michelle's new make up line. Thanks for letting us know.

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Sara Chergui said...

Thanks for the links !

Sara Chergui said...

Me too ! Since I've seen the video explaining her brand's name I'm very excited ! :D

x Judit said...

Clinique's newest line of nail care and Beyonce hair is pretty weird, but it is good that it has a lovely face and is so good for him.


Maddie said...

Thank you for the great links! I didn't know Michelle Phan was making her own makeup line! Exciting!


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Great links! Beyonce is a diva no matter what hairstyle she has and I'm so excited to Michelle Phan's make-up collection!


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Great post, I've been meaning to try out cliniques new nail polish!

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Not sure how I loke Beyoncé's hair, but then, I'm sure she wears extensions a lot of the times anyways!

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