Unboxing: August BDJ Box

Say hello to my very first BDJ Box unboxing post. But before that, let me just say this: I am a little disappointed because this is my first time to subscribe to BDJ and the shipment was delayed. . . and not just for a day or two but for a couple of weeks. Just imagine how excited I was when I placed my order then just after a few days I'll be receiving an email stating that shipment of August boxes will be delayed and will be sent out on the last day. **insert 52 sad emoticon here**

Anyway, let's now proceed to the unboxing. So for this months box (or should I say last month's box because it's September already and Christmas is just around the corner which is another story. Does this make sense? Never mind.) it's all about the skin. They teamed up with Shiseido for the subscribers to experience thir newest skincare line called "Ibuki" which means inner strenght in japanese.

So basically I received a total of eight products all in sample sizes. At first I was a little bit disappointed when I saw how small most of the items inside the box are but then I realized that it's Shiseido after all. Full sized Shiseido products are so darn expensive (thousands of pesos!) so I suppose they cannot really include something like that inside the box even if they would want to.

Here are the stuff inside the box:

Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser (sample size: 30ml)
Full size: 125ml; Php 1495

Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate Lotion (sample size: 15ml)
Full size: 75ml; Php 1600

Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisture Enriched Cream (sample size: 10ml)
Full size 75ml; Php 1950

Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser (sample size: 5ml)
Full size: 125ml; Php 1495

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream (sample size: 2ml)
Full size: 15ml; Php 1800

Shiseido Ibuki Bio-performance Super Corrective Serum (sample size: 2ml)
Full size: 50ml; Php 5998
Shiseido The Skincare Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (sample size: 7ml)
Full size: 125ml; Php 1250
Shiseido Ibuki Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream (sample size: 4ml)
Full size: 50ml; Php 3998

So those are all of the products/items that I got from my August BDJ Box. Though I cannot compute how much the total of these products is because they're all in sample sizes I can still say that the price of these if accumulated is definitely much higher than what I paid for (Php 580). So for those who are asking if BDJ Box subscription is worth the money, the answer is YES. I subscribed again to BDJ Box and this time for THREE consecutive months. If I am not mistaken I'll be receiving my boxes on October, November (my birthday month) and December. How exciting right?!

To know more about BDJ Box and how to subscribe you may visit their website bdjbox.com and their facebook page.