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Hello dear friends! I know that WHAT KENNY HEARTS is only a few months old but since 2013 is now about to end and another year is about to come I want to know your opinion regarding my blog (posts, layout etc...). What do you like? What do you hate? What do you want to see more of and less of as well as what other new stuff would you like to see here on the blog. Whatever you have to say, I want to hear it! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll keep them in mind.

xoxo, kenny


Launna said...

I like your set up... it's always good to change things up too ;-)

Jackie Harrison said...

You blog its awesome and unique I like when you have images of décor or art its pretty amazing.

ravenlocks said...

I really like your design and layout of your blog! It's quite lovely and chic :) I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Your posts are always interesting. Plus, I'm always inspired whenever I see your posts. So I think you're doing a great job!

xo Azu


Live-Style20 said...


new post


Janamarie said...

I just discovered your blog through your comment on mine and I have to say, I love the lay out! Very clean, and simple ! Just the way I like it.
I think that you just have to keep doing what you love ;-)
I'm following you on bloglovin, if you want you can follow me back x

Fabulous Petite said...

I like your blog and the design. very prof looking and the pictures are fabulous. Did you design it yourself?


Glam up your Lifestyle said...

What i like is your clean design. My blog is simular. Your Pictures and post are alway great.
What i not so much like, if a blog has to much advertisment

Ana Leote said...

Hii :)

I don't know if this is going to help, but I fell in love with your blog the day it is right now so I don't really know what you can do to make it even better than it is!

The best advice I can give you is keep up the good work because so far you're doing really good!



Kelly Jaspers said...

keep doing what you want, great blog!
take a look at ours?so we can follow?

laviniah k said...

Don't change a thing! Keep up the good work! xx


Nora said...

I think just keep up the good work! your blog looks amazing :)!

X 1310bynora.com

Emmylou said...

I think you have a great blog, Kenny. I love your layout. Very clean and sleek, and your posts on editorials are always awesome.

Mingaile Tarpy said...

It's all great! You don't need to change anything, just keep posting.

Keys of Anouk said...

You have an amazing blog! You don't need to change anything.. :-) xo

Milex said...


Con estilo al cubo said...

I think your blog is really good. The design is awesome, done carefully and tastefully, like your posts, perfectly prepared with plenty of choice

In short... we love your blog dear. In our mind you don't need to change anything ;)

Kisses sweety!

JustynaPolska Stylist&Make-upArtist said...

cudowny blog i jej szata graficzna<3

Sam said...

Hi Kenny, I have been loving all your decor posts of late because thats not something I see too often on the fashion blogs.

Tina Bradley said...

Enjoying your blog--keep doing what you're doing! It's always inspiring! xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Jonnessa said...

Great blog, I really like the design. It's simple and very well organized, very stylish also. :)

Keep in touch,

Ayesha Ahmad said...

Love the design. I'm sure I learn a thing or two from you. The topics that you write on a so simple and nice!

Defining Me

The Fashion Panda said...

Your blog looks great, wish I have more a lay-out like yours, but I am having some problems with blogger so I can't change it anymore. Also your pictures are very nice so I would say keep up the good work :-)


Lulu Monema said...

I say there is nothing to change as I love your blog.
you always have the right look, design and most importantly, you know what you're doing
I love it.
Word of a fervent follower.
Big Kiss

Very soon.

NK Girl said...

I like very much your blog!! My favourite posts are of outfits, beauty tips or style!!! But your blog is perfect!!

NK Girl


inmycloset said...

nice post!;)



Kyra Kuklies said...

Dear kenny - your layout is fabulous I simply love it!!! - Lots of lovely Love :) Kyra

Jennifer PiRi said...

It's just a days that we are commenting each other. So, I can give you my best opinion. But I have to confess that I feel 'jealous' about your layout and design. It's beautiful :)
Regando mi cactus - newest post: outfit

Coco said...

Dear Kenny, I think your blog is great because you put your heart in it. Keep loving what you're doing and I'll never fall out of love either!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Ana said...

cool pic!!


ELISA said...

well the layout is surely amazing!
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Always Maylee said...

Your blog is great, I love the layout!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Sarah Flandro said...

I'm a first time visitor but from what I've seen so far I've really enjoyed your blog. The layout is clean and simple, the posts are interesting, etc. Keep doing what you've been doing because it sounds like everyone is completely satisfied with your blog as is. :)

xo, Sarah
Hustla, baby.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I like your clean modern layout and that you post on a range of topics. Keep up the great work Kenny!

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Natalia said...

I wouldn't change anything about your blog, it's simply perfect!! I love the layout, posts, everything!!



LyS Hdez said...

love your blog, all is perfect! :)


Ewelina S. F. said...

your blog is very interesting;)
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Harija said...

You blog is amazing... I love reading your posts and especially commenting on them

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AEKK Charms said...

Amazing blog! Hey, Love your MacBook Pro! Thanks for your posting!
Have a nice day!


Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

I think your blog is very beautiful and I like it a lot!!!!



Adriana Carmen said...

thanks for following me. I followed you back. have a nice weekend!

em.me.ma said...

first time on! Great blog and layout!

twitter&instagram: emilysdiary

Dascha Boonstra said...

Love it <3


Dascha Boonstra said...

Love it <3


*TDM* said...

I like your blog and the pics you choose every time!


Vecinos said...

Lovely photo! Your blog is amazing :)

Roxy's Rocks said...

your blog design is amazing!

Rebecca and Lori said...

I like the layout of your blog and the mix of topics you post about. They're not always the same, but they always work well together.
I say keep up the great work!

Dressed with soul said...

In my opinion it is not necessary to change anything, I like your blog exactly how it is :)

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


La cucina di Molly said...

Mi piace molto il tuo design, lo stile dell'arredamento, penso che il tuo blog sia perfetto! Un abbraccio!

Bunda Putri Ehara said...

Hello kenny,
I love your blog because its very inspiring <3 I like to see your post about home decoration, all the picture is really beautiful <3

keep up your good work! have a great day (^_^)

Mafalda said...

I love the layout of your blog and the beautiful pictures, and I would like to see you in oufits:)
Mafalda ❤

Thida K. said...

Hello! thanks for the comment!! lets keep in touch now following you :D



Sakura Beauty said...

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