Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2014

image source: vogue


Jackie Harrison said...

The second fashion and the fourth are my favorites. Have a great weekend Kenny.

Julie Chagas said...

The first is my favorite!
Nice to meet your blog, Kenny! Love it :)

Alice said...

hello there :) thank you for the comment
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PS: i love alexander mcqueen *________________*

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Cheraine said...

Thankyou for this post! The outfits are truly inspirational!! :)

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Paola Lauretano said...

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Amazing collection!!!!
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Ebony S said...

Alexander McQueen is EVERYTHING! I love the whole collection! I'm so excited I "stumbled" across your site. You have a new reader. xoxo, Eb (

Adriana Carmen said...

thank you for your comment! I was already following you on gfc

Jen27 said...

Such interesting textures and fabrics. Thanks for sharing! xo


Ma Petite by Ana said...

Amazing collection !!
Kisses dear!! said...

beautiful collection <3 thanks for sharing!
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Let me know :)
have a great week-end <3

Iván said...

Awesome collection!!
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Busola Coutts said...

Awesome outfits!! Love the intricate details. Amazing!

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Launna said...

I like the 11th one.. the cream dress with a gold looking item over top ♡

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Genzel Kisses said...

Very classic styles! I like to have the silver one? On the left on the last two photos! :)

Mara Kussin said...

Amazing ! ♥

stylishvue said...

I love this collection!
Laura. xx

enfant terrible BERLIN said...

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emmajamila said...

Such an amazing collection - I love the masculine lines with the very feminine detailing.
- Emma Jamila

Laura Pla said...

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laviniah k said...

Great collection from Alexander McQueen! I adore the dresses! x
Have a fab weekend dear! x

Daphnia Neofytou said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment at my blog
Keep in touch!!

Dhadha said...

Wow! Amazing collection! Love it to bits! :)

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