Datter Industries

Datter Industries is a project by illustrator Kaye Blegvad which began in New York City in 2010, but has since crossed the Atlantic. The aim of this project is to create subtle, narrative jewellery. I just love the not-so-clean almost rustic and very handmade finish of each pieces that Datter Industries have to offer. The style is so me, each pieces from rings to necklaces is something I would wear. Really.
Datter is my endeavour to turn drawings and ideas into jewellery. All pieces start out as models hand carved in wax, which are then cast and finished individually in my studio. I like my work to show signs of being handmade - nothing too clean or too perfect. The process is part of the product. I draw my inspiration from all over the place - ancient artefacts, talismans, ritual, the occult, weaponry, and the natural world. ― Kaye Blegvad