The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

I've been working from home for years now. Sometimes it's great but sometimes it really sucks. If you're considering of working full-time at home here are some of the things I've found in the past God knows how long that may help you decide . . .

What I Like About Working From Home:
- You can manage your own time.
- Your bed can be your office.
- Don't have to get ready in the morning. Or NOT at all!
- NO commute. NO traffic.
- You can wear whatever you want.
- You can save more money.
- You spend less money.
- Creating your "dream" workspace.
- You can set your own breaks when you need them.
- You can listen to music or watch your favorite series all day.

What I Don't Like About Working From Home:
- It can be lonely.
- Lack of social interaction.
- You're at home all day. It's great yes, but some days it can get really boring.
- You need self discipline.
- There are MANY distractions.
- No reason to dress-up anymore.
- People presume you do nothing all day.
- You have to be self motivated ALL the time.

How about you. What are the pros and cons in your job?

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monika berdnik said...

That`s such a great post, so informative.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: point well taken. Keep in touch

Jackie Harrison said...

Wow I learn a little more working from home My pros is travel my con is travel is good and bad sometimes I just want to go home but I have to be some where else and I might not like it.

Natasha Bhatt said...

I feel working from home is a pain.. experienced it.. too much distraction n u dnt hv a social life sometimes.. great post.. loved it xo

Ana Leote said...
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Ana Leote said...

I hate when people assume I do nothing all day! Blogging takes a lot of time and hard work!

Ana Leote

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I totally agree with these.

Sara Chergui said...

There is nothing to add to this list, it's exactly like that ! This year was my last year of college and I had about 10h of class a week which meant that I was mostly working from home. I love it, but the cons are real ! :)


Grace and Charlotte said...

Great post, plus you can have Netflix!
- Grace and Charlotte


Camila Tamiya said...

Thats a such great post...really amazing!
I lovve your blog and I follow you...visit my space:

crafty-zone said...

I think that working from home has more pros than cons :)


Shereeeen ♥ said...

Great post and very interesting to see from someone who experiences this type of situation at first-hand. I'd worry that I would constantly nap haha :P Xx

Shiny M said...

I wish I could work from home. I see so many benefits to it, however I can see when there are downsides. Great informative post.

Adriana Leandro said...

I prefer to work in my house. Have a nice weekend.


Launna said...

In the near future, I many have that opportunity to work from home and I would grab it up just like that. So much less distraction than having so many people around and most important I would save over 2 hours per day in traveling... I could use that time to exercise :)

Diana Ashuayem said...

Great post, I love working from home!!

Chiara T. said...

I prefer working at home, but yes, those contros are so true!
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Dice Limbaga said...

i've always wanted to work at home but then i have no job haha having a tiny office in my place is so cool :D


Fresh Is Yummy said...

Great post! I prefer to work at home:)


- spoonstories- said...

I dont want to work at home!I want to go out and see ppl ,change pictures and be social. The secreat to be happy at work is a nice environment and good workers^^

Claudine Fessey said...

Love this post! Great things to consider :)
- C
Claudine Converses

Jéssica Coelho said...

Beijos Jéssica R. Coelho

JANICE G said...

all true, but it does get lonely working from home.

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Mathilde Julie said...

Great post! Well, right now I just work as a babysitter (I'm only 14 years old), but when I get older I would like to be able to work with other people and also have the choice to work from home some days.

Hugs from Denmark x

Madame Balti said...

You are so right! I love it to work from home, but a high grade of self-discipline is probably the most necessary thing you need! I also can't be alone all day... maybe it works better with a pet?

Have a lovely weekend!


Manuela Muratore said...

nice post!!!
have a good weekend!!


Ania Zarzycka said...

Wow! fantastic post :)


Ira Kharchenko said...

Really awesome post!


Caro * said...

Working at home must be difficult with all the distractions but it must be relaxing too !


I quit my second job,then start to do freelance job and study fashion design at the same time.It's too difficult!! I agree to what you mention in the post. Really enjoy reading :)

Uma Interessante Vida said...

To actually work from home, there are advantages and disadvantages ... liked the advantages that you quoted here.

Carmen Cotugno said...

Have a great sunday :)

Eva Eliza said...

That's a really honest post! I couldn't agree more with the pros and cons yoy mentioned! Well, work from home gives you more freedom and divercity I would say.

Denisa said...

Nice post and of course. All has its own + and -. It is only the choice. "O) Have a nice weekend.


Valentina Coco said...

I prefer to work out and have direct contact with people.


bloglovin follower

Arien Ruiz said...

Hi dear
I agree with all of your pros and cons, but definitly I would love to work at home, but right now it's impossible for me

blogablebeauty said...

I feel like you have to very organized with your time and all to work for home. I personally love going to an office every day and spending it with my work mates and all,

What Kenny Hearts said...

and you can sleep whenever you want too! HAHA

What Kenny Hearts said...

Yes! But unfortunately, Netflix is not yet available here in the Philippines. :(

What Kenny Hearts said...

Yes, it's not easy to blog! They're so irritating. HAHA

BKCsquared said...

This is so true! I worked from home for a month and a half while my office was moving locations. It's amazing at times & very difficult to stay motivated at other times. And a big YES to all of the distractions. Now that I'm back in an office environment, I miss working at home, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :)

xo, K

laviniah k said...

Great post dear! Such a balanced objective outlook! You're completely right, everything and every work situation has it's upsides and downsides. Most of us moan when we have to go to work, but either has it's pros and cons. Suppose the best thing is to make the most out of any given situation, I'll try to apply this principle next time I start moaning :)



Stephanie Nakagawa said...

I love working at home too. ♥

Alexis De Chanel said...

Love your post! :)

Sakura Beauty said...

Great post! I also like work at home.
Thank you for your post!