Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Posts More Appealing

Before I begin this post let me tell first that I am by no means a professional blogger nor do I claim to be one. But having been in the blogging community for almost seven years now, I am very confident that I have already learned quite a lot of things relating to blogging. Here are some simple writing tips from me, to you. Tips that are sure to make your blog post look more professional and neat.

Text font and size - When it comes to fonts, use those that are easy in the eyes. Some of my favorites and the most commonly used even by websites like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the likes are Times New Roman, Courier New and Trebuchet MS. The ideal size is from 12px-14px. It is also highly recommended that you avoid fancy fonts like Comic Sans and the curly ones because they are so not cute . . . LITERALLY!

Text Alignment - Up until now I still see a lot of bloggers aligning their texts to the center and I consider that as a big NO-NO. Text should always be formatted according to the general web formatting guidelines. What this means is that you have to align your text to the left (or justify it like what I do) - doing so will make reading your blog post a whole lot easier. In some instances - centered text looks good but I suggest you only center something if it's a quote, photo caption or a poem you're writing.

Photos - This, I consider as one of the most important elements in every blog post. Every blog needs to be visually appealing and the best way to do so is by adding picture(s) to your post (keep in mind that "picture paints a thousand words"). I personally am very picky when it comes to choosing what picture(s) to put on my blog - every pictures you see on WKHs are chosen carefully. Use consistent positioning and sizing (make sure that all your pictures have the same width) to make everything look very streamlined, clean, and professional rather than cluttered and confusing.

Links - When adding links to your post always make sure that you make all your links open in a new tab / browser. By doing so, you are sure that your reader will not leave your blog. Also be sure to make the color of the links different from the text color so that it'll be much easier to get noticed.

Here are some examples of blogs which I think exemplify great blog writing:
Beauty Editer
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Into The Gloss
Man Repeller
Jenny Purr
Apartment 34
Daydream In Blue

After you've done the work, make sure to also share your post via all of your social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else you participate. While you don’t want to overload or spam people, sharing your post multiple times can help account for different time zones or preferred reading times. xx

image: shannon moffit's virginia beach officetheeverygirl