Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Posts More Appealing

Before I begin this post let me tell first that I am by no means a professional blogger nor do I claim to be one. But having been in the blogging community for almost seven years now, I am very confident that I have already learned quite a lot of things relating to blogging. Here are some simple writing tips from me, to you. Tips that are sure to make your blog post look more professional and neat.

Text font and size - When it comes to fonts, use those that are easy in the eyes. Some of my favorites and the most commonly used even by websites like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the likes are Times New Roman, Courier New and Trebuchet MS. The ideal size is from 12px-14px. It is also highly recommended that you avoid fancy fonts like Comic Sans and the curly ones because they are so not cute . . . LITERALLY!

Text Alignment - Up until now I still see a lot of bloggers aligning their texts to the center and I consider that as a big NO-NO. Text should always be formatted according to the general web formatting guidelines. What this means is that you have to align your text to the left (or justify it like what I do) - doing so will make reading your blog post a whole lot easier. In some instances - centered text looks good but I suggest you only center something if it's a quote, photo caption or a poem you're writing.

Photos - This, I consider as one of the most important elements in every blog post. Every blog needs to be visually appealing and the best way to do so is by adding picture(s) to your post (keep in mind that "picture paints a thousand words"). I personally am very picky when it comes to choosing what picture(s) to put on my blog - every pictures you see on WKHs are chosen carefully. Use consistent positioning and sizing (make sure that all your pictures have the same width) to make everything look very streamlined, clean, and professional rather than cluttered and confusing.

Links - When adding links to your post always make sure that you make all your links open in a new tab / browser. By doing so, you are sure that your reader will not leave your blog. Also be sure to make the color of the links different from the text color so that it'll be much easier to get noticed.

Here are some examples of blogs which I think exemplify great blog writing:
Beauty Editer
Honestly... WTF
Into The Gloss
Man Repeller
Jenny Purr
Apartment 34
Daydream In Blue

After you've done the work, make sure to also share your post via all of your social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else you participate. While you don’t want to overload or spam people, sharing your post multiple times can help account for different time zones or preferred reading times. xx

image: shannon moffit's virginia beach officetheeverygirl


Natasha Bhatt said...

This was a very helpful post,, makes sense.. i hv nt done much abt my blog design yet will do it next year may when i complete 2 yrs in blogging world.. happy weekend xo

lauren stevens said...

Really helpful post! I hope that I follow most of this guidelines as I completely agree with everything you have said!


What Kenny Hearts said...

Thank you Lauren! Glad you find this post helpful. xx

What Kenny Hearts said...

Thanks Natasha! Can't wait to see your blog's future design. xx

Irish Fleur said...

thank you for this useful tips :)

Madame Balti said...

I guess a really helpful post! These are the very basics which make a blog really professional or even not. By the way I always really adore your selection of photographs!

Have a really nice weekend!


Francesca Flaminio said...

Very useful post, I try to respect all the guidelines, but you are surely making a great job, you blog is amazing and so eye-catching!! Have a great week-end! :)


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I know the one thing I need to work on it my picture size. I would also add make sure the color of front you use is readable as well.

Juliet said...

Thank you for your comment ;)
Nice interior :)


Jackie Harrison said...

I done my own design I sure do not like to much advertising when I visit a blogger no matter if their fonts are great or not it gets in the way, I have to agree with the visual in images but to much could be distracting and lose concept of what the blog is about. I enjoy that everyone have a different style to their blog will be mighty boring if everyone does the same. Great post Kenny cannot believe you been around for 7 year great accomplishment.

Zachary Thor said...

Centre aligned text is my biggest pet peeve! It's like you're asking me not to read your blog post. Oh, and those pop-ups that ask me to like your Facebook page? People, stop.

Glenda From-FashionPhases said...

Thanks for the tips Kenny, I have to agree a little with Jackie , too much of the same thing will look too boring to the eyes of everyone however your blogs are some of my favorites that I visit and look at! Keep up the amazing work xo

Patricia González Fernández said...

nice advices kenny!!!!!!!! =)


What Kenny Hearts said...

I agree with you Jackie - if everyone will have the same format when it comes to blogging it'll definitely get boring that's why it is also very important that you give it a twist and/or add something that will reflect to your own personality and aesthetic. :) Yes, and I'm blogging full-time for almost 3 years now. Thank you and I very much appreciate all your comments! xx

Manuela Muratore said...

beautiful post!!!
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Lenya said...

Great post Kenny, most helpful, thx for sharing.

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I always appreciate a good advice!Thanks Ken^^

Katie Frank said...

those advices are very helpful. although i think that we should run blog from button of our heart ;)


Lauren said...

This is such great advice! Thank you for sharing!


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Great tips!!
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Caro * said...

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Hazel Asoy said...

Thank you for sharing this tips. I've been blogging since 2011, but, until now, I feel like I'm a newbie. I still don't know the basics.

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Marija M. said...

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Launna said...

I do most of these, they are really great tips... I do use photos but I don't resize them... I may have to learn to do that ;)

Elena Dal Maso said...

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Denise Kokinis said...

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Smallnhot Sarah said...

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M said...

Thanks for these tips! I'll definitely be using them. But do you know how to make the links open in a new tab?? Anyway, love your blog! New follower xx

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What Kenny Hearts said...

Here's how: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_target.asp :)

Fresh Is Yummy said...

Thats true! But everyone has own, different style. :) So keep this in your mind:)


Imogen said...

very helpful and interesting

Hana Babajic said...

I definitely agree with everything you wrote. I personally believe it's very important for a blog to be easy to read, because no one likes searching for the actual content for too long. I also like blogs that aren't too bright or too colorful; nothing better than a minimalist blog.


N@NY said...

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Claudine Fessey said...

Thank you for these tips Kenny! It is always great to hear what we could be doing better. I loved reading this :) There are definitely a few things I have taken under consideration.
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Anja Ge said...

well as I see it, you are REALLY PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER!

I am saying it from the bottom of my heart, really! Firstly cos of visuals: pictures are always perfect, font, text alignment and overall structure is clear and so easy to read. Secondly cos of content: it always has sense, is written grammatically (gosh, what I would do to have your language skills...) and has this quality that makes it nice/easy to read :)
To be honest with you, your blog is inspiring me a lot, so I am grateful for your tips! Will print it and post it in front of my working table! :D
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