A House Full Of Art

Guess who's back, back again. Kenny's back. Tell a friend. Haha! After almost three days of not checking the blog I am so finally back! I was only gone for like just three days but it feels like forever. First of all, I want to thank all the people who greeted me personally and electronically on my birthday. I do appreciate them and they made me feel so special. Thank you all so so much! ** air kisses **

Anyway, here's another amazing decor post for you all. Honestly, how perfect is this 18th century house located in Madrid, Spain. I'm obsessed with all the artworks, the use of bright colors and the mixture modern and classic - vintage pieces.

image source: revistaad


Jyoti said...

Great you are back <3 Keep In touch dear..hugs
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Bisma Rauf said...

Wow..so artistic!

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Anonymous said...

So good you are back again!
Lovely house. Those details are stunning. And located in Madrid, that beautiful city.


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Live-Style20 said...

so nice pics; >>


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Dominika Mrázová said...

very interesting place! :)


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Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina said...

awesome house, not so much style. I love the most the last picture.

Big hugs from Dublin

Jackie Harrison said...

The decor is odd the bathroom image a little overboard lol.

Lenya said...

Very artistic and creative. Thx for sharing Kenny.

Launna said...

Great pictures....Happy belated birthday... I hope it was a good one ♡

Be Blondie said...

I love this house, it's very colorful and artistic!


Lera said...

Happy birthday! I love these but first set is my favorite!

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Lauren said...



Jyoti Vats said...

Happy birthday :) Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
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laviniah k said...

What a lovely decorative home! Love!

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Lenny Pham said...

Hope u've had a great birthday celebration dear, and so glad ur back on blogging :D Yet another magnificent post on interior <3 I'm in love with the decoration of the house, this has definitely given me some ideas to redecorate my room :P Have a lovely weekend, dear xx

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Anonymous said...

wow i love art!!! you are so creative. it's very unique and artistic!

Sonia Verardo said...

Hello Kenny!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & following! It means a lot!
I followed you back :) Hope we stay in touch!
Greetings from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Glenda·Kruse Blogger said...

Love the creativity design on the rooms :)

Kia said...

This is soo beautiful flat ! I love it!

Caro * said...

I want change my home now !! Very inspiring ;)

Kimchi Cakes said...

This is sooo awesome! I joined your site!


Beauty Follower said...

Such a cool idea the poster in the bathroom!

Artemisleblog said...

Very beautiful inspirations !
Love it !

Sakura Beauty said...

The picture is very beautiful. Thanks for your blog.

Sakura Beauty said...

Very beautiful and wonderful. I always follow your blog!!!