Today is my 23rd Birthday!

It literally only feels like yesterday that I turned 22, and here I am, one year later, still doing the things I love and enjoying life. Not gonna lie though - the past 12 months has been quite a roller coaster ride. However, I've grown and learned a lot about myself which is always, always a good thing. Overall I can say that 22 has treated me well and I am already looking forward to see what 23 has in store. . . I hope it's amazing! **crosses fingers**

Anyway, I don't really have anything interesting to say right now so I'll just end this post. Also, I wouldn't be able to return to your comments today (and tomorrow I guess? but there will be a scheduled blogpost for tomorrow) because I'll be spending the whole day with my family and friends. I hope you guys understand, thank you so much and I love you all!

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