Sammy Dress App! **

Calling all my shopaholic friends, sammydress.com — one of the leading global online wholesale supplier of awesome stuff such as wedding dresses, men and women's shoes, accessories, bags and women's clothing — have just recently launched their very own app! Yes, you've heard it right, they now have an app. ** banana dance **

I was so ecstatic when they contacted me to tell this great news mainly because I am an online shopper and recently, I've noticed that I am using my ipad and mobile phone more than my laptop when shopping online. The app is available for both android and iOS so whether you're an apple or android user you'll be able to experience their awesome and very easy to navigate app. And oh, I forgot to mention that if you use the app for purchasing stuff you'll get an 8% off discount. Isn't that cool? If I were you I'm gonna download the app now. Just click here to download the sammydress.com app it to your phone / ipad.

Anyway, I thought I'd also share some of the reasons why you should shop at Sammy Dress. Here they are:

- They have an extensive and growing selection of trendsetting high quality products.
- Not only are their products stylish, they are also very affordable.
- Fast Shipping. Your orders will also be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.
- Best customer service. They have a dedicated 24 hour live chat service available for all their customers inquiries to give you an instant response.

. . . and here are some of my current favorite stuff from their website:

1 / 2 /3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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Bisma Rauf said...

That's great!

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BlackBlush said...

Good picks!


Carmen Cotugno said...

cool app :)

Be Blondie said...

Omg I love this app, I want buy all of products but it's impossible


mariafelicia magno said...

this is a nice news...thanks for sharing

Alice Cerea said...

I really love it!


Simone Mars said...



Jyoti said...

Great picks :) Keep In touch dear..
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Amy Fashion Blog said...

those lips shoe are to freaking cute

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I love shopping on my iPad. Thanks for sharing!

al pal said...

I love this post! Will definately be taking a look at that app

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N. said...

That's great :)

monika berdnik said...

I love this site, they have such awesome stuff,
thanks so much for sharing this :)

Caro * said...

Stunning application ! I love this selection :)

Sonia De Macedo said...

Thanks for the FYI. Think I've been on their site once or twice so will have to check out the app. BTW I am curious about this banana dance! ;o)


Lauren said...

I am going to have to download this app!


Dainté said...

I already have this app on my iphone :D and it's great to check it even when I am not planning to buy anything :) such a lovely app.

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