What Kenny Hearts is Now Style For Mankind!

Yep! You've come to the right place. Effective today, if you type whatkennyhearts.com in your browser it will now redirect you to the new URL, styleformankind.com. I have been planning of changing my blog's name for like four or five months now — it's not that I don't like my blog's previous name it's just that I don't think it represents what my content really is all about.

When I picked the name What Kenny Hearts my main plan was to blog about personal stuff but then after a month or so I've realized that sharing TMI regarding me and my life is not and will never be my thing. Although the previous name of my blog (in a way) speaks for what my posts are all about — things that I love — I just felt like it's not the right one to use. I also felt that it is too cutesy — I need something that's more "grown up" and professional sounding (hope that makes sense LOL). Choosing a new blog name is such a tedious task because most of the best URLs are already taken but luckily, in my part the URL that I am planning of getting since the moment I've decide to change my blog's name is still available.

Aside from changing my blog's name and URL I also have decided to change it's look which I hope you guys love! It took me two months to finish this one but I must say that all the effort I poured into this new design is so worth it. As always, I kept everything very clean, simple and timeless to make my blog posts stand out.

Anyway, this one is getting a bit lengthy already. I hope that you guys love the new name (and blog design) just as much as I do. Thank you guys so much for all the support! xx

Ps; I also have decided to create a new facebook page for my blog and I would very much appreciate if you guys can hit the like button. You can also subscribe to my blog posts now via email. Just enter your email on the sidebar form and hit the subscribe button!

featured image: christy turlington by steven meisel for vogue italia; 1992