Tasty Tuesday: Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

Hey guys! For this week's Tasty Tuesday post, instead of rounding up recipes from the internet — I thought I'd just share to you all one of my all-time favorite snacks. Grilled Chocolate Sandwich have been a favorite of my ever since God knows when. For someone who is a huge fan of eating bread and chocolate (almost everyday), having them together in a single recipe is just like a dream come true. I mean, the combination of the crusty bread together with the hot and melty chocolate is just so fantastic! To be honest, I wouldn't mind eating this everyday because they're just so delicious, filling and easy to prepare.
6 slices thin whole wheat or white sandwich bread
2 bars of chocolate
Unsalted butter
Strawberry Jam (optional)
Marshmallow (optional)
Coarse sea salt (optional)
Ground cinnamon (optional)

** NOTE ** When it comes to cooking your grilled chocolate sandwich it's already up to you how toasted you want yours to be. As for me, I prefer mine to be a little bit more toasted as I think it gives the sandwich more texture and flavor.

this recipe is adapted from food52 user, alice medrich
Butter one side of each bread generously. In a skillet (preferably non-stick) big enough to hold them, cook the bread — butter side down, over medium heat, just until pale gold on one side.

Cover three of the slices with chocolate (the more, the merrier IMO) and then flip a naked sliced on top, butter side up.

Cook for about three to four minutes more, turning the sandwiches as necessary, until the chocolate is melted and the sandwiches are brown and crusty — be careful not to burn.

Serve immediately, sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt or cinnamon for a little gown-up edge.

Spread 2 table spoon of strawberry jam (or any jam you prefer) on the other slice of the bread to make a Grilled Strawberry and Chocolate Sandwich.

Add marshmallow (as many as you wish) right after covering the bread with chocolate for some melty and gooey cheese-like feel.

Are you a fan of grilled chocolate sandwiches?