Get Bikini Ready This Summer

It used to be that being ‘bikini-ready’ was a term reserved for the annual summer getaway, but if you think about it, there are plenty of reasons to buff-up your bikini line and rid yourself of stubborn ingrown hairs and dark spots. Think about it — there’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, his birthday, your birthday, the spontaneous late night out — the list goes on and on.

Its so much more common for women to trim, shave, or wax their bikini line (and then some). Some women approach shaving and waxing carefully because they may develop ingrown hairs, folliculitis, or dark spots from the ingrown hairs.

Kare MD Skin Health has introduced Melapads Daily Exfoliating Pads to help tackle your ingrown hair problem and reduce the appearance of dark spots and folliculitis from the ingrown hairs. Used twice daily before and after shaving or waxing, the gentle daily exfoliant can help reduce folliculitis and the development of ingrown hair marks.

Melapads contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids, kojic acid, and natural anti-inflammatory extracts to gentle exfoliate skin that can contribute to ingrown hairs. Kojic acid is a powerful non-hydroquinone based skin lightener that can further improve skin tone and reduce the onset and duration of dark spots.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?
Ingrown hairs on the bikini line are usually caused by folliculitis and inflammation; or as a result of the hair shaft growing out at an angle. In either case, the hair shaft gets stuck underneath the skin and starts to curl up. Once inflammation sets in, the ingrown hair begins to look a little pink and red, ultimately causing a brown spot in women with darker skin.

Solutions For Bikini Bumps
Prevention is key. There are many different ways to free your bikini line from annoying skin bumps and dark scars. Most importantly, dermatologists and skin specialists recommend daily exfoliation. Melapads contain sixty pre-soaked Daily Exfoliating Pads that can be used twice daily to remedy your ingrown hairs. It’s important that you use the pads before and after shaving or waxing. The exfoliating pads gently wisk away impurities within the hair follicle, allowing the hair shaft to grow outwards from the skin unhindered.

In addition, you should always shave or wax in the direction of the hair shaft rather than against it. Avoid dry shaving or waxing, and moisturize your skin with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Warm water or warm soaks can also soften the hair follicles prior to your bikini trimming. If you have dry and chapped skin after shaving or waxing, try a ceramide cream such as Elevase Moisture Booster by Kare MD Skin Health. Elevase contains a combination of natural herbal extracts that can soothe irritated skin and opti-ceramides that can strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier function.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kare MD Skin Health. Thank you for supporting posts that keep Style For Mankind running!


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