How to Pick the Homecoming Dress Everyone Talks About

featured image: valentino spring 2012 couture backstage

The time has come. It’s the time of year that gets everyone talking and emotions running high. Yup, homecoming brings about a mixture of feelings - sentiment, joy, sadness, fun and even though it’s one of the few moments you will be together with your old classmates, everyone cannot help but talk about everyone else’s homecoming dresses all night. It’s great to get a good idea of which homecoming dress you want to go for well before the event. You want something that will not only stand out from the crowd but will get people talking, for all the right reasons!

When it comes to choosing that extra-special homecoming dress that makes you look even more beautiful than you already are, there are many factors to consider. Sometimes the choice on the market can be overwhelming especially with so many online dress shops popping out of the woodworks. It’s great to keep an open mind but also important to keep your vision in the forefront of your mind.

This article will help you get a clearer focus on some of the hottest unique homecoming dresses for 2015 that are guaranteed to impress all eyes. If you want to find that special dress then follow these tips:

LOOK AT STYLES THE A-LISTERS ARE WEARING – Think red carpet, think vogue, and think all of the stunning celebrities on the pages of glossy magazines donning designer gowns. Even though you most likely won’t have the money for something designer, taking inspiration from celebs that are dressed by famous designers will give you some great ideas about what will be trendy. This will get you well on your way to finding some of the hottest homecoming dresses online and offline.

THINK VINTAGE – I know it might be the furthest thing from your mind but sometimes it’s the older styles that come back into fashion and hit us right in the face! Don’t forget to pop into your local vintage store or look for online shops like that offer a good variety of ornate, funky homecoming dresses that cannot be found anywhere else. Being unique is what will make you stand out and set the trends for your homecoming.

GO IDEA HUNTING FIRST ON PINTEREST – If you are anything like me you are probably addicted to scanning the pages of Pinterest and discovering some of the most stunning outfits, accessories, and shoes out there. Looking on this virtual pin board of amazing ideas will give you some great tips on where to locate the hottest homecoming dresses that are in this season!

The hunt for that perfect homecoming dress is never an easy one. However, when you follow the above tips and do a bit of digging, you are much more likely to find some of the most fashionable styles around. Don’t stick to all the high-street stores and places you know everyone will be going. You want to set the trends and get people talking so being inventive yet remaining classy is how you are going to do it. Your homecoming is a special time you will always remember and many photographs will be collected and resurface years later so choose something trendy yet timeless.

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