The History of Investment Worthy Diamonds

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If you look at the overall changes in the prices of diamonds over the past century, you’ll discover an increase in the index value. This provides a good indication that diamonds are a solid investment to make. Compared to other investments, diamonds are on average a much more reliable choice. This is because the supply and demand is fairly stable. However, the price is on the increase and recent studies show that prices will keep rising.

The price will mainly rise or fluctuate depending on the type of diamond it is along with its quality. The value the diamond has is something different completely. The value is a multitude of factors such as different exchange rates, design and labor. This is why over the years, the prices of diamonds have gone through a significant evolution. This article seeks to reveal exactly how this has happened.

Over the years there have been a number of events that have contributed to the change in diamond prices. Starting from the beginning, in 1964, the Vietnam War happened which started the prices at around $2,700. In 1973, the Crude Oil Crisis occurred which saw the prices of diamonds rise to $6,900. The next three main events in history were the 1987 Stock Market Crash, Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Gulf War which increased the price to $13,900. Afterwards, the stock market crash in Asia and the World Trade Center attacks boosted the cost to $15,100. A slight dip occurred but not enough to make a difference in the attractive investment opportunity diamonds possessed.

The final main impact on diamond costs was the Great Recession which occurred in 2007 to 2008. At this stage the price of diamonds rose to $24,500. As you can see, the evolution of diamond prices has been mainly down to world events. Throughout all of the historical data however, it is clear to see there have only been a few minor dips in the costs of diamonds.

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If you have that special loved one and want to buy diamond wedding bands for her, finding the right price may be a priority. However, you also want to ensure you are buying the best quality, after all this ring is going to be worn for decades. You won’t want it to fade or tarnish easily. Here are some tips on how to search for the best diamonds and make a confident purchase:

Choose the right cut - the shape of the diamond should complement your fiancés personality. Real thought should go into the design as this will demonstrate just how much the whole engagement means to you. There are many shapes on the market from oval, to emerald and specialty cuts. So think carefully!

Don’t be predictable - sometimes it’s good to think outside of the box. When it comes down to engagement rings, not all women love diamonds. Your special someone may prefer a colorful gem or a shimmering sapphire. Think about what’s best for your partner and she is guaranteed to love it.

Ask for another opinion - it’s important when buying diamonds to get a second opinion. Ask if you can see a grading report from AGS labs as you will be certain of the diamond quality. It’s good to be aware there are still scammers out there so finding a reputable jeweler is very important.

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