Appreciating Switzerland’s Luxury Watchmakers

The words “luxury watch” immediately invoke Switzerland. That is no coincidence - the Swiss have been responsible for developing the most exquisite & beautiful timepieces ever created. Between the delicate and complicated pieces that make-up the mechanics of the luxury watch, to the carefully designed superficies, Switzerland’s premier watchmakers dominate the industry. This month, Style for Mankind is paying tributeto their influence in the world of accessories and fashion.

The Ariadne is a stunning example of Swissworkmanship

Bringing a unique aspect of elegance and glamour to every look, Swiss matchmakers outdo themselves consistently with their new fashion-savvy looks and design. A luxury watch can be the perfect combination to an otherwise dull outfit, converting the look from drab to fab with its beautiful aesthetic.

So how do Swiss luxury watchmakers do it?
History would have it that some of the best watch artisans would settle shop in Geneva, gradually transforming the city into the epicenter of watchmaking. With 300 years of intense work and improvement in precision and design, watchmaking would become a central aspect to the nation. As a matter of fact, the art of watchmaking is so engraved in Switzerland’s history and culture, that there are even luxurious watchmaking experience trips for tourists, as it has become a major tourist attraction. Their expertise is one of many aspects that makes the Swiss brand incomparable.

From brands like Rolex and Omega, to Cartier and Chrono Diamond, Swiss watchmakers excel at creating innovative and exquisite timepieces. These watches are created by meticulous artisans that put together thousands of tiny pieces to create a flawless, beautiful watch. It looks as wondrous on the inside as the outside.

For men, a luxury watch can bring a level of elegance and luxury that no other item can accomplish. It invokes confidence and power, and is often a fashion favorite. For women, a luxury watch can inspire a unique delicacy and sophistication, adding a touch of class to any outfit. Interestingly, although there are introductions of ‘smart’ non-mechanical watches into the industry (such as Apple’s watch), the ever-fashionable luxury watch will not go out of style. Smart watches lack the dramatic look of the Swiss watch, falling short on the glitz and glamour of the mechanical watch.

Switzerland’s luxury watchmakers are here to stay and only increase their strong impact on the world of fashion.

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