How to Become a Vegetarian

How to Become a Vegetarian
If you're planning on becoming a vegan or just a normal vegetarian, it's going to be really difficult, especially if you love meats; but, no one said it's impossible. If you've got the right motivation on your side and perseverance within you, you would be able to achieve this task easily.

Are you sure you want to change your diet?
The first thing that you need to ask yourself is whether you're really sure you want to change your diet? What's the main reason as to why you want to switch over to a totally vegetarian diet? Is it because you want to end all forms of animal slaughter or are you just looking for a way to save money?

Well, that doesn't matter a lot, but it does help motivate you a bit. So, think about it and that answer would help you stick to your goals. It could also be environmental issues that have changed your mind.

Look for support
If you want to successfully switch over, you're going to need a lot of support on your side and constant reminders that certain food isn't meant for you. Therefore, tell your family and closest friends that you're changing your diet.

They'd be able to help you stick to your plan. Also, there are plenty of blogs and websites that are built to help people realize this goal of theirs, so join them and sign up for their forums - you'd never know you may receive a lot of motivation through people you've never even met before.

Find substitutes
Now that you're going to be changing your diet you need to make sure that the food you eat (the vegetarian food) has all the essential nutrients and vitamins as well as proteins that your body needs.

Therefore, before you switch your diet, you need to make sure that you research the various possible foods that you could eat as well as recipes that would make those dishes yummy!

Slow and steady wins the race
Now that you've decided that you want to convert to a vegetarian diet, you should not suddenly give up on all forms of non-veg. Instead, start slow; reduce the number of days in a week that you consume non-veg and then the amount that you eat. If you do this you won't feel the heat. However, if you skip it all of a sudden you would not be able to last long and you'd give up on your quest.

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slow and steady is definitely the right approach!
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Recently my cousin has given this step...and aslo has introduced vegan food to all family

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looks so yummy :) I always wanted to be vegetarian!

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I prefer vegan instead of vegetarian :)
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I am vegetarian my whole life)

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Good read. I found it quite easy to become a vegetarian - love it :-D

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Great tips! I'm currently a part time vegetarian.

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I've never eaten red meats so I'm a semi vegetarian. I've thought about cutting out chicken a few times but I'm a very fussy eater so think other options could be hard. These is a helpful post.

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It's a delight to watch & read your blog! Thanks for sharing.

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I don't have any plans to become a vegetarian, but I would love to start eating healthier in that aspect. These tips can definitely help!


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great tips. I know its a healthier lifestyle, but its so hard. lol. I give kudos to all those people that are able to live this lifestyle.


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Great tips! I've tried becoming vegetarian, but started having dizzy spells from lack of iron. I need to try going slow next time.

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Great advice. I think substitution is vital in being successful.


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Fantastic tips!

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great tips! thanks for sharing. I'll pass it over to my sis - she's having troubles with becoming veg

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Love your approach to this! A lot of people like jumping on the bandwagon but don't realize how much time and effort it takes to really commit.

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I loved reading this post. I have been a vegetarian for three years now :)