Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Partner

Getting married is a big commitment and what better way of showing your future wife how much you care than buying her an engagement ring that will blow her socks off! When you are looking to purchase a ring, it is important that you choose a style of ring that matches your partner’s personality. If buying jewellery is something new to you, here is some help to get you started looking for the perfect engagement ring.

What do you want?
The real question should be what they want, as you are looking for an engagement ring that meets all of your partner’s expectations. If you are unsure of what style of ring they like, you may wish to get some help from friends or family who may be able to give you an idea of preferences. You may have already popped the question and are shopping for a ring with your future wife, which makes the process much easier. If your partner is undecided in their preferred style, take a look at reputable dealers such as, who has an extensive selection of all styles of rings available on their website.

Shop Around
When you have an idea of what it is that you are looking for, it is time to go shopping. However, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to start shopping. Before you go out visiting all of the different jewellery shops, you can visit the majority of them online first.

Most companies will have the majority of their available stock advertised on their website, so you can see what the store has to offer before you go and visit. You can make yourself a list of 4 or 5 stores that have rings that you like, and then you can start contacting each company and find out a little bit more about them. You may even wish to plan further ahead and start to look at wedding rings. Men’s wedding rings always used to be very plain, but in these modern times that we live in, the styles have changed quite dramatically. Click here to view some modern wedding rings.

Get to Know each Company
You can use either email or make telephone calls to speak to each of the companies on your list. Find out if they have any special deals on credit or any discounts that they can offer and also learn more about each company individually. You will want to ensure that you are dealing with an accredited and licensed jeweller and that they are also an ethical company. If you love a ring with diamonds, you will want to make sure that each stone is certified and is from an ethical source and also conflict free. Look for reviews online as well as take a look at the testimonials if they share them, and then decide which jewellers you prefer.

Before you know it, you will be able to put an amazing engagement ring on your future wife’s finger, and declare to the world your intentions to marry her.

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Opening image photography by Lachlan Bailey for WSJ. Magazine, Styling by Beth Fenton.


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