Upgrade Your Look with These Simple Styling Tips in Less Than 10 Seconds

Is there any woman who didn't experience the dreadful “I have nothing to wear” feeling? If there is, I urge you, my dear; to let us all know what magic you make. All women wake up one day and find there is nothing in the wardrobe to wear, only old pieces, which can only make the same outfits. But, don't despair, because I come with valuable styling tips which are going to help you spice up that outfit in less than 10 seconds!

Break the pattern
You probably already know that a perfect outfit must not be completely matched, but here is a tip to help you style your outfit before leaving for work: break the pattern by adding a “mismatched” item. There are two ways to do this: you can combine two different styles or you can simply add a “different” accessory. For example, you can break the pattern by styling your office outfits with evening clutches which are going to become the focus element of the entire ensemble. Or, you can mix a very masculine item with a very feminine one, like a pair of boyfriend jeans with a very soft and feminine blouse.

Half-way done
Another simple way to upgrade your outfit and completely change your overall look is to half-tuck your shirt. This method has multiple advantages. First, you can use a statement belt and channel the focus towards it and your waist. Speaking of it, this simple trick is going to reveal your waistline and can balance the body proportions. Second, half-tucking the shirt gives you a half-grunge look. You can change a stiff, office outfit into a more relaxed one, without having to give up on any essential piece.

Of course, you can go further and add a wow-element, such as evening clutches – just pick a clutch which matches your statement belt and you will have a great outfit to rely on for casual dates, for example.

Roll your way up the catwalk
Rolling your pants or shirts is going to expose more of your skin or the inner layer. This has the power to completely change your outfit. When you have to avoid the shame-walk you can try this simple method. All you have to do is roll your blazer sleeves or pants or blouse, put on your heels and grab the evening clutches, then walk back home in style. Depending on how you roll the clothes, you will get different looks, so experiment until you get the best fit. 

Unbuttoning, the smart way
When you want to draw attention on your waistline and change your outfit, just unbutton your top, so the waist of your skirt or pants is visible. If your pants or skirt has a high waist, you will look amazing.

Belt the jacket
A simple belt on your jacket or cardigan will boost the outfit and add a new feeling to it. Try simple belts, metal belts and even fancy belts, to see what best fits your personal style. The only rule you must follow is to belt only longer outer clothes; anything which is over your hips can go with a belt, but if the jacket is shorter, this trick won't work.

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