The Best Prom Dress Colors for Brunettes

Teen girls everywhere are obsessed with finding the perfect Prom or Homecoming dress. We’ve all been there. We know the challenges of trying to match dress styles and colors to your body type, skin tone and hair color. We’ve noticed that blondes look the best in warm colors like yellows and oranges while redheads shine in metallic dresses or bright green. But what color prom dress should you wear if you’re a brunette? We’ll tell you the best ones.

You’re in luck since brunettes can pull off a range of colors and shades, depending how deep and dark your locks are. Your skin tone also factors in to which hues look the best on you. Generally, shades of pink, blue, orange, and red look flattering on brunettes.

Best Prom Dress Colors for Cool Brunettes

Brunettes with cool undertones typically have bluish or pink undertones in their skin. In addition, they have rich dark locks of hair and deep dark eyes. These brunettes need bold and flamboyant colors to flatter their dark hair. Colors like hot pink, bluish reds, or bright blues are some of the best colors.

Best Neutral Shades for Cool Brunettes

Do you prefer neutral shades instead of vivid hues? Then opt for neutral shades with a grey undertone like navy blue or chocolate brown. You’re also the girls who can rock white prom dresses better than anyone, as long as they have a shade of silver to them.

Best Prom Dress Colors for Warm Brunettes

Choose colors that will highlight your sultry brown tresses and your warm golden skin. Select hues that will call attention to you like orange-reds or muted purples and dark greens. These shades will look sophisticated and flattering on warmer brunettes. We’ve listed one of our favorites but you can click here to visit to see even more dresses.

Best Neutral Shades for Warm Brunettes

Warm brunettes look stunning in earthy neutrals like even animal prints if you want something fun. You can wear black or white gowns as well, as long as they have gold undertones or you supplement the look with gold jewelry and gold accessories.

Once you’ve figured out the best color and shade for you, you can peruse the selection of some of best-selling prom dresses in Chicago.

As notes, brunettes look good in almost every shade on the color wheel so you can have fun perusing the newest dress styles and finding the one for you. Take note of these tips and you’re sure to find the right color for your dress.

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