6 Chic and Trendy Bouncy Bob Hairstyles

Sleek and straight hairstyles may have been well known to everybody when it is mentioned to bob hairstyles. There is no doubt that the sleek bob hairstyle do look pretty and charming, however, lots of girls in order to wear a sleek bob hairstyle at cost to curl their hair by hurting them by heat and iron. Actually, The bouncy bob hairstyle with curly or wavy hair are also look awesome, curls can give your hair volume and bounce, a curled bob stands for confidence and power too. Now it’s time to speak to you for the chic bouncy bob hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Like most of Rihanna’s hairstyles, this asymmetrical bob created a huge hair trend. Worn stick straight in some of her more famous videos and red carpet appearances, this curly styling adds some softness and glamour to the typically edgy songstress.

This asymmetrical curly bob hairstyle created a blast hair trend when Rihanna worn this bouncy bob hairstyle for her famous videos and red carpet appearances. Let alone it is leaded by Rihanna, this asymmetrical curly bob hairstyle itself do adds softness and glamour to the bob hair. No wonder so many ladies would have a try.

Messy Lob Hairstyle

Messy lob also = Messy long bob, which the hair lands just above the shoulders, it looks we can get the messy effortless, however it is the hardest part to pull it off, there are hours of preparation to get the good messy. Luckily hairspray will help. Go for thick natural curls, cut with little to no layering, creating a shade which is thicker at the root and leaving some kinky curls, so it will be looking more chic.

Wavy Ombre Bob

The wavy ombre bob hairstyle features a pretty gradient between straight roots in a darker brown color and bouncy curls ends in a blonde ombre, plus with the bouncy wavy texture, it definitely attract eyeballs on street. If you’re owning a head of shoulder above bob hair, try to add some Ombre Hair Extension for this great transitional style that doesn’t need constant retouching in terms of cut or color.

Jumbo Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

It always comes to our sight that when we mention the bangs, because seldom people to wear a bang with curly hair. However, it’s rarely seen but it does look great. Make a little bit lighter kind of bun and then put bangs in front of your head, put a little bit of gel in front of your bangs and style them up, next step is to make a pony tail of the remaining section of your hairs and put that remaining bangs at the front side of your head. Loosing your hairs like these in a natural way spray down your hairs with some hairspray and make the bangs straight by straightening them up. Are you ready to get this stylish and rocking hairstyle now?

Curly Layered Hairstyle

This bronde color is layered richly throughout the top layer of hair, that make the hair look endlessly thick and lush. To get it, start with clean dry hair, heat up two-inch hot rollers and pop them in your hair. Roll them under at the bottom and back on the top of your head for optimum volume then brush through gently to break up the curls with your fingers after removing the hot rollers. Spray with some hairspray for hold.

Platinum Curly Bob

Wearing a medium long, modern version of platinum blonde curly bob, it is an flattering of hairstyle. The key to this platinum curly bob style is the curls and add enough platinum blonde hair to keep the thickness and bounce. Wear this glamorous style to a party, you’ll be the focus.

These curly bouncy bob hairstyles are so beautiful & chic and you probably want to try some of them. And short layered hairstyle you can feel comfy. Here are the Omgnb Hair Extension for you to use for adding your hair lengths & volumes for your natural hair.