Dressing Well Improves Happiness: Reasons To Make Your Style A Priority

In this article, we will look at how what you wear can impact how you feel, and why dressing to impress is important. For a long time, we’ve known that there’s a link between what we wear and how we feel about ourselves. Various studies have confirmed this link and proved that when we dress in a way that makes us feel good, we tend to feel better about ourselves. Because of this, we then have more confidence.

Bearing this in mind, below we will discuss the link in more detail, along with how you can ensure that your wardrobe is always on trend.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that being stylish is to do with vanity. However, for most women, it’s actually about feeling happy with themselves. You see, studies have shown that the most common cause of a lack of self-confidence is linked to appearance. This isn't just physical appearance; it also links to our sense of style and how we dress.

Picture yourself spending the day in sweatpants and an old tee. Think about how this outfit would make you feel. Then compare those feelings to how dressing in a tailored dress, a pair of heels and a smart coat would make you feel. The chances are the latter would make you feel happier and more put together. When it comes to what we wear, it’s amazing how much of an impact our clothing can have on us.

With the above in mind, it’s crucial that when it comes to what you wear, you’re on trend. An issue that many women have when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends is the cost. Being fashionable doesn’t come cheap, which means that often it can be hard to keep up with all the newest trends.

That being said, just because you can’t afford to buy new key pieces each time there’s a new trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. One of the secrets that all the most fashionable women swear by is accessorizing. Believe it or not, a few well thought out accessories can be all it takes to make an item of clothing from last season look on trend. The fantastic thing about accessories is that if you shop around online, you should be able to find a range of discounts on offer. Most of your favorite stores should have at least one deal on that you can use. They may be listed on third party sites, such as these Old Navy coupon codes, for instance, but there should be some available.

Say, for example; you’ve got a pair of skinny jeans and a knitted jumper from last winter. To breathe new life into the outfit and add some new season style to it, team it with a piece or two of stand out jewelry, a bright, bold scarf, and some new shoes. Believe it or not, it’s easy to give an old outfit a new twist.

How we dress has a big impact on how we feel about ourselves and our confidence levels. That’s why it’s so important that as women, we make style a priority. It has nothing to do with vanity; it’s simply about dressing in a way that makes you feel good.

opening image via vogue.com


Chic Therapy said...

Dressing def impacts my confidence and mood for the entire day.

Candice Petersen said...

I totally agree with these guys I feel so much more confident when I dress better.

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House of Akih said...

There's always a push for being beautiful in all women and when you don't have the latest trends in the closet, you're not cool enough. Anyway, loved this entry (:

Lynette said...

Yes totally agree... You feel more confident if you dress better.


Pam Scalfi said...

I agree, the right accessories can easily elevate ANY look!
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I like this cool jacket!
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This is such an interesting blogpost. I completely agree that being stylish doesn't necassarily mean that you have to spend a truckload of money.

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I love this post. You are so right about accessorizing to update an outfit and stay on trend. Bags, shoes, belts, scarves, and hats are all great ways to update your wardrobe.


claire said...

You are absolutely right! I could not agree with that more! Still rememeber these days I felt completely defeated, even if it was in the kindergarten or school times - in this dress my grandma bought for me!

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