Loving The Las Vegas Life Without Hitting Up A Casino

If you’re a lover of travel, there are a few places that you just have to visit. Some places that just won’t be replicated anywhere on earth. Las Vegas, Nevada, simply has to be one of those experiences. But there are going to be plenty of people who don’t gamble. I know that I’d feel way too much risk putting my money on the line in the Sin City. But that isn’t everything Vegas is all about. So here’s how you best experience that overwhelming, bright city without chipping in.

Catching a show is a must

If there’s anything that Vegas is known for, besides the Strip, it’s the sheer amount of live entertainment on offer. Trust me; there is no shortage of shows here to adore. Cirque du Soleil are just one of the acts that seem to almost always be in the city. With sites like http://www.vegastickets.com/concerts you can find live shows in just about any time of the year.

Swim with the dolphins all day If you don’t want someone to entertain you but to be part of the entertainment, you can get that, too. A lot of places let you get up close with dolphins for a little while. The Mirage, however, lets you act as a Trainer for the day. See how these beautiful creatures live for a whole day. Or just catch a show while you look at all the other wildlife at The Mirage.

See some starkly beautiful landscapes

Nevada is famous for the rocky desert that makes up a good portion of the state. Whilst that might sound desolate to a few of you, it can be one of the most beautiful sights you can slap your eyes on. We’re particularly talking about the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. A gorgeous red under the midday sun and indomitably blue under the stars. Well worth seeing at any time in the day.

Real Vegas culture

When you think of what makes up the skyline of Vegas, what do you imagine? What stretches down the strip as far as the eye can see? We’re talking about the neon lights, of course. So if you want a look at the history of Vegas, then places like http://www.neonmuseum.org/ need to be on the list. It’s the only place you’re going to see some of the iconic signs that have made up the most famous aspect of the strip.

The Fremont Street Experience Perhaps you want to see more than just the signs. You might also want to enjoy a night on the town while a dazzling light show plays above you head. The Fremont Street Experience is just for you then. There’s food, drink, zip-lines and all kinds of partying going on under the lights. I just wouldn’t recommend bringing any kids here. It’s definitely an adult playground.

Vegas is a city like no other. Almost everything is loud and bright and exciting. If you’re looking for a whirlwind experience and adventure, it’s easy to find here.


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