Your Singleton Pad: Tips To Make Your New Home Party Central!

Moving into your own apartment for the first time is incredibly liberating. No need to share. No waiting for the bathroom when you really need to go in the middle of the night! You have the freedom to do and watch what you want. But if you are like the vast majority of people, you will need to look for somewhere that you can afford, and assumedly you cannot afford to purchase it just yet! Here are some pointers for making your apartment cutting edge and keep it within your budget.

Creating An Illusion Of Space

If you are looking to hold parties and soirees at your new pad but are limited in your space, then making it look more spacious than it actually is definitely helps! Removing the tables and chairs so there is more space for people is a start. But you also put mirrors on doors to create the illusion of a bigger living space and utilise the use of your corners.

Have A “Talking Piece”

Parties have the tendency to turn into nights of regret when you hit a certain age, and it just gets worse from there. To maintain a sense of decorum have a centrepiece that promotes discussion between party guests. A piece of art, or a sculpture, will generate talk. Use a piece of minimalist art, whether you like it or not! It will be open to interpretation and people love to talk about something even if it is for the wrong reasons!

A Matter Of Disguise

Use old items to dress up your windows to give them a new slant, use old lampshades as curtain holders or doilies in the bathroom to cover up unsightly waste baskets.

Thrift Shops Are Goldmines

If you are like me and you live in a thriving area, you might have many thrift shops nearby. They have hidden gems, and all at incredibly low costs. A lot of students and young people spend their saturdays scouring the shops for bargains. Clothes, old board games or glasses and decanters are some ideas. You could even stumble across a new style to lavish your apartment in.

Create Your Ambience

Much like in a restaurant, having the right ambience will make for a more successful and relaxed evening. If you are planning on having dinner parties on a regular basis, play with your lighting setup. Use only candles or dimmers to give the room an intimate setting.


Never more important when you live on your own! Making sure you live in an environment that is secure takes priority. If you rent, speak to the landlord about what security they have installed, if at all! Research alarm companies to see what can be purchased under an affordable budget. It’s not cool, but it’s important!


Music will dictate the party style! Studies show that different types of music will have a different effect on the brain. Going to a party where samba music encourages party central! And you never know, maybe you’ll do the conga too!

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