Class of Your Own: Add Elegance to Your Home with These Simple Tips

When you’re looking for a home to buy, you’re not always going to find the aesthetic you want. The architecture of the home may be incredible, and it may be in a stunning location. But if you want to add a bit of class to a home, it’s probably best that you do it yourself.

A lot of the homes that already have the unique charm that these items can offer are usually incredibly expensive. But it’s simple enough to take a property and get it looking elegant in no time. Remember that chic monochrome home we shared with you recently? It’s a stunning home, one that would probably go for quite a lot on the property market. But look closely and you’ll see that its effect is actually achieved through incredibly simple means.

Here are a few things you can add to your home to give it a classy, elegant feel. They’ll help give a burst of life to your place without breaking the bank!

Fresh flowers

Simple, but incredibly effective. Some may accuse me of suggesting something a bit too obvious here. Flowers, or plants in general, really can do wonders. They not only look great, but they add an element of freshness to your home. Of course, people often underestimate this task. Not every type of flower or other plant is going to fit in every home. There are some plants that are more suited to homes than others. Your particular color scheme may also be better complemented by some more than others. Make sure you do some research before you head to the florist.

Unique lighting

The lighting you use is an element that’s often underestimated. Of course, the best thing you can do is introduce as much natural light as possible. But when things start to darken, all the open curtains in the world won’t help you! Thankfully, there are some stunning lighting options out there. You can go for simple and colorful, or look you can look into more elegant options like Quoizel Lamps. You should also consider the lampshades on lamps you already have if you don’t want to replace those outright.

Subtle hues

Going bold can work wonders for particular homes. (I refer again to the monochrome home!) But keeping it simple and subtle can really make the classy decorations jump out at you in an effective way. If you’re decorating your place with elegant ornaments, flashes of gold, and fresh flowers? Then your best bet with the paint could be this HC-81 Manchester Tan or something very similar.

Built-in bookcases

As Horace Mann said, a house with books is like a room without windows. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable in a home if there are no books to be seen anywhere. Keeping those books stored on simple readymade bookcases can look good enough. But built-in bookcases are a different story altogether. Making the bookcase an inseparable part of your home can introduce some incredible home design. Thankfully, going from readymade to built-in is actually easier to achieve than you think, if you want to do it yourself.

opening image via huntly