Revive Your Travel Bug With These Bucket List Musts

Most of us have two or three places on this planet that we really want to see before it’s too late. You might have been inspired by photographs or tales from your mates of far-flung places. It doesn’t matter why it intrigues you, but it does matter that you go. So why not revive your travel bug with some of the best bucket list destinations our little planet has to offer?

Egypt is a place that will delight anyone who visits. Many come to see the pyramids up close. But this ancient part of the world has far more to offer than that. For the adventurer, why not hit the dunes in a buggy car? Or take on the desert on camel back? And those that love fine jewelry, the bazaars and boutiques will offer you incredible pieces you’ll treasure. The river offers plenty of things to do and see as well.

India has a varied landscape, making it ideal for travelers that love to trek. Websites like the travel forum for India detail many of the places you would be keen to stop and look around. There are beaches, bustling cities, beautiful countryside, and the incredible Himalayas to see. Head to the Bollywood city of Mumbai to glimpse a movie star. Or find a retreat in the Ganges to get in touch with your spiritual side.

If China is hovering at the bottom of your bucket list, it’s time to move it to the top. The Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province is otherworldly. All the colors of the rainbow can be seen on the rocks. It makes for some spectacular photo opportunities and some incredible experiences. And if colors stimulate your imagination, you might also be keen to visit Keukenhof Gardens in Holland when the flowers are in full bloom. You’ve never seen a floral display quite like this!

Japan is on many people’s bucket lists. But don’t just go for the high-tech cities and fabulous temple buildings. Check out the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest before you go home. It’s a remarkable place to explore, and you won’t find anything else quite like it anywhere on Earth. It’s quiet and green, so it has a special relaxing quality about it too.

Croatia is one of those countries people just don’t think about as a must-see destination. But there are more than amazing Cellists that this country is famous for. The Blue Cave is on the island of Bisevo, but it’s worth the extra journey to see it. It is so blue you might need some extra time for your eyes to adjust to its hue. Some might liken it to the colors of the Blue Walls of Morocco or the Crystal Cave of Skaftafell in Iceland. Why not visit both to make your mind up?

Traveling is something some people just have to do. Others take it as it comes. But you could reawaken your passion for travel by finding the places that are unique about this planet. Start with the ones above, and keep adding to it year on year! Love our little world.