What On Earth Is Hippy Interior? (And How To Get It)

Living a carefree, hippy lifestyle is something many of us dream of. We might feel especially at one with nature, or have a love of meditation and lazy weekends on the beach. Whatever the situation, most of us have a least a little bit of hippy in us. But, living the bohemian life completely isn't for everyone. Most of us have jobs to go to and responsibilities at home, which is why kicking up the roots is necessarily a universal thing. But, if you want to bring more earth-child vibes into your life, your home should be the first place you should start.

Adorn the place with throws

When you're creating your hippy paradise, you will soon realise that throws are you best friend. A big part of the hippy look is using different textures against each other and creating a soft, safe haven. Using throws in your rooms can soften the overall appearance of your home, especially if you have stark, white walls. Use throws to cover your sofa and bed with, or hang them as pure decoration. Choose minimalist furniture, such as what you can discover at Plumgoose.com, and let your accessories do the talking. Another great way to bring that cosy hippy vibe to your bedroom is to hang throws so that they surround your bed. Try pushing your bed so that it is against one of your walls, and hanging one throw on that wall and the other coming from the ceiling. It will act as a kind of canopy, meaning that you will feel safe and protected when you settle down to sleep.

Get spiritual

Even if you don't subscribe to spiritual practices, taking inspiration from them is a great way to create an intriguing hippy home. Think about what surfaces you have left bare in your home and use them as ways to present trinkets and decor. Precious stones and gems look especially pretty laid out on decorative dishes – amethyst in particular is extremely eye-catching. Also, consider buying or making your own dream catchers to hang in certain rooms. You can get them in all different sizes and colors, with various adornments - although feathers and beads are the most common.

Add plants

Being a hippy is all about being at one with the planet, so why not bring some of the planet into your home? Plants can really brighten up a dull home and you will be surprised at how fast they grow when given the right care. If plants and flowers seem a little too much effort for you, simply get some cacti instead – they are the easiest to maintain out of all houseplants.

Use candles and incense

A hippy home is all about creating a pleasant, calming ambiance. Having a home that feels cosy and smells good to boot makes a welcoming environment for both you and your guests. Dot tea lights about your home to burn on an evening to truly get you in that pamper mood. Incense is also great at helping you relax, and you can burn either sticks or cones depending on your preference.

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