Let There Be Light! Feel Bright And Cheery At Home, Even In The Depths Of Winter

Let There Be Light! Feel Bright And Cheery At Home, Even In The Depths Of Winter
Winter can be a depressing time, especially in the darkest months where daylight lasts only a few hours. It’s during those dark days with their early evenings that we most crave light the most. So what can we do in our homes to make the most of it? Let’s take a look.

Fill Your Kitchen With Light

Have you ever wondered why modern kitchens so often come with dozens of recessed lights? The idea is to fill the space with as much light as possible so that people can see exactly what they’re doing when they’re preparing meals, especially when chopping.

High-end kitchens supplement ambient light by using lots of recessed lighting in the ceiling. They also use light hidden under cabinets and installed directly above center islands, making it easier to see your breakfast.

If your kitchen also has a table, don’t forget to supplement it with its own source of lighting. You don’t want family and friends having to squint to see whether they’re holding their knife or their fork.

Light Open Shelving

LEDs connected to solar electric panels on the roof use very little energy and are eco-friendly. Because of this, there’s no reason why you can’t dot them all around your home to brighten things up in the depths of winter. One neat idea is to use LED lighting in your shelving to act as a focal point for the room. Lighting in the shelving immediately lightens the space, and if the shelving is used, helps you locate and identify all your crockery and dishware.

Lighted shelving looks best when all your pots and pans are matching. In fact, it can give the kitchen - or any other room for that matter - a rustic feel with a modern touch.

Think About What You’ll Use A Room For

The type of lighting you use in any given room will be determined by what you intend to use that room for. Rooms used for family gatherings in the evening will have softer, mellower lighting. Lounge lights should provide a rich, ambient glow that isn’t too harsh and perfect for conversations and relaxing.

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate ambient lighting into your living area. One idea is to use LED lights built into any stairs or steps you might have into your main living space. Another idea is to use wall lighting to showcase your artwork. Pepper your living spaces with different kinds of lamps too, including lamps on side tables as well as freestanding.

Flank Your Bedroom With Lights With Separate Controls

Many couples don’t fall asleep at the same time. One often wants to stay up and read while the other snoozes. But this is a problem if the room only has one source of light.

One solution is to have two sets of lights and two dimmer switches, one on either side of the bed. One partner can turn off the light on their side, and the other can carry on reading, finishing whatever chapter they’ve gotten up to in their book.