Nail Classy Dressing First Time With This Guide To All Things Chic

Dressing classy is something a lot of people try to do, but many fail at. It is the kind of style that never goes out of fashion, and has an exclusive kind of air about it - probably explaining why it is so hard to pin down. After all, if everyone cavorted around in the same look day in, day out, it wouldn't be quite so special. You might think that you need to have quite a bit of money to be able to dress in such a timeless way, but this is where you are wrong. You don't actually need to spend a lot of money in order to create an 'expensive' kind of look. It is more about having an eye for detail, choosing your pieces wisely and of course, wearing it with confidence. Read on to find out how you can bring style to your wardrobe - after all, style never goes out of fashion.

Consider the materials you wear

When it comes to shopping, a lot of us abide by the rule of 'if we like it, we buy it'. There's nothing wrong with this of course, but one easy way to make your clothes look fancier is to pay attention to what they are made of. Certain materials are dead giveaways for the quality of the clothing. For example, anything that is 100% polyester is unlikely to scream 'class' to anyone who looks at it. Whilst imitation leather is a great option for the ethically conscious, make sure it is at least convincing. Some types of faux leather can be far too patent, immediately showing that they are cut price. Avoid anything that is prone to going threadbare or 'bobbly' too. Suede, cotton and cashmere are all good options for high fashion dressing.

Invest, don't splurge

Part of the key to an effortlessly stylish wardrobe is minimalism. Adopting a minimalist attitude to your wardrobe tends to mean that you buy less - but when you do buy, you buy something of great quality. Start to look for clothes that will compliment each other. In other words, attempt to build a completely interchangeable wardrobe that you can mix and match on a daily basis. Make sure a sizable chunk of your closet includes some much loved basics - black dresses, for example, never go out of fashion. A good pair of jeans, some heeled boots and a tailored jacket are also must-haves.

Don't over-accessorize

If classy dressing had a Holy Grail, the number one point on it would be to never over-clutter your outfit. If you are a bit of a magpie, you've probably spend years building up your jewelry collection so you have an accessory for any occasion. But when it comes to your new simplistic, effortless style, you might want to cool it a little on the accessory front. If you are donning a statement necklace, keep it reserved with studded earrings rather than dropped ones. And if you have a statement purse on your arm, don't overload the rest of yourself with bangles and a chunky belt. The real key to classy dressing? Less is more.

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