Pretty And Practical: Tech For The Home

Pretty And Practical: Tech For The Home
If you’re into home décor like a lot of our readers, then when you’re buying things for the home the main thing on your mind is probably going to be the aesthetic appeal. While I totally understand the want to live in a beautiful home, it’s important to give some thought to more practical features every now and then. It’s 2017 now, and there are many pieces of tech on the market which can make our home lives so much easier. Here are a few to consider. . .

Wireless Plant Monitors

When you hear “tech for the home”, plants probably aren’t the first thing that jumps to mind. However, wireless plant monitors are one of the hottest pieces of home tech on the market today, and one which you should certainly consider as an addition. Pot plants can provide a wonderful touch to your overall décor, but only if they’re taken care of! This kind of gadget makes caring for your plants so much easier. Simply stick one of these in the earth next to the plant, and it will monitor the temperature, sunlight, moisture, and then send alert to your phone if any of these need attention. Check out this C-Net review of the Parrot Flower Power for more.

DIY Security System

Unless you’re prone to extreme paranoia, I’m sure that the security of your home isn’t on your mind 24/7. However, after all that work you’ve put into making your place comfortable and beautiful, don’t you want to make sure it’s all as well-protected as possible? These days, there are a range of great DIY security systems on the market, incorporating all kinds of features which will help to keep your home safe from intruders. Window and door sensors, high-tech locks, and even CCTV systems are all things to consider. There’s a wide range of different packages out there, each with their individual benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you do your research before deciding on a system. A good way to start is reading online resources like these alarm reviews of Livewatch Security.

Multi-Room Music Streaming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you’re probably familiar with Bluetooth speakers and similar audio equipment. Now, you can go a step further by buying a multi-room music streaming system. This will allow you to link your phone or another device to a single interface, and play music through speakers spread throughout your home. Systems from high-end brands, such as Sonos, can be pretty pricey, but like with a lot of audio equipment you get what you pay for. A lot of these systems allow you to control the volume of music that’s coming through different speakers. This means that you could have your tunes blaring in the lounge for when you’re doing housework, and something more in the background in the kitchen for sorting through your paperwork. Furthermore, you don’t have to make one big purchase with these, and can add different models of speaker over time.