Overcoming the Plus Size Shopping Challenge

Overcoming the Plus Size Shopping Challenge
These days, the average American woman is much curvier. Earlier this year, an article that was published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education highlighted that fact. They pointed out that the average American woman is a size 16, not a 14, as many people thought.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is yet to completely catch up. There are more plus size models appearing on the runways. However, it is still not easy for someone who is sized 16 or over to buy clothes. With this in mind, we decided to put together a few simple tips that you can use to find good quality plus-size clothing that actually looks good.

Shop in the Right Places

Our number one tip is to shop with the right fashion retailers. If you are looking for a plus size party dress, just click the link.

This retailer is one of the few that does not simply take ordinary garment patterns and simply scale them up. Instead, they work with designers who actually make clothes, from scratch, with the fuller figure in mind. They understand that the plus-size figure is not simply a scaled up version of a skinnier person. When we put on weight it goes on in different places. As a result, you can easily end up with a top half that needs a size 16, but still find that size 14 trousers fit you.

If you always buy separates this size difference is easy to accommodate. However, the same cannot be said if you want to wear a dress. The problem is that a size 14 dress won´t go over your top half. Unfortunately, a size 16 one will look awful from the waist down. Buying from the right retailer gets over this issue. This is because they really do make clothes that are specifically designed to fit the plus size figure. They are well aware of these size differentials and take them into account far more than traditional retailers do.

Re-measure Yourself Regularly

If you have recently put on weight or lost some it is very important that you re-measure yourself before you go shopping. Even losing or gaining as little as 5IBs can change the size of clothing you need. The same applies if you have recently changed your exercise routine. Taking up something like Pilates or yoga can radically change the shape of your body in just a few months. As a result, clothing styles and sizes that once worked well for you may no longer be the best option.

Be Willing to Try Something New

It is really important not to get in a rut style wise. Some plus size women feel especially self-conscious. As a result, they shy away from trying on new clothes. This is a real shame because as you can see here more designers are targeting the plus size market, which means there are plenty of lovely new clothes available for you to buy. However, you are only going to discover them if you go shopping more and are willing to try new things on and experiment.