Why You Should Consider Coloured Diamonds For That Engagement Ring

Why You Should Consider Coloured Diamonds For That Engagement Ring
Diamonds have long held a fascination, as the natural process of creation takes millions of years, and while diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, the pink variety are extremely rare and are becoming very popular with engagement rings. Coloured diamonds add depth to any item of jewellery, and while pink is usually the prime colour, brown and purple tints are often found. There are several theories as to how the colour manages to be a part of a diamond, but most experts consider it to be connected to extreme pressure over millions of years.

Uniquely Elegant

If your partner is a woman who likes to be different, a coloured diamond engagement ring is the ideal solution, and with an online diamond retailer, you can browse at your leisure and even have a unique design created for that special woman in your life. There are several colours, with pink, red, yellow and purple all available, and if she happens to have a favourite colour, you can give her the perfect match in a stunning engagement ring. If you would like to see an extensive selection of coloured stones, The Diamond Jewellery Studio offers high quality coloured diamonds at down to earth prices, and if you would like something unique, they can also design and create the perfect engagement ring.

Saturation Levels

Whatever the base colour, a diamond can be any of 9 official saturation levels, ranging from faint to fancy vivid, which would be the most expensive. For many people, colours have meaning, and a pink diamond is traditionally associated with love and romance, and for the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, why not create something truly unique that has a deep meaning for both of you? If you think you might like some further research concerning diamond valuation, there are excellent sites that are dedicated to helping people with diamond selection.

Online Diamond Retailers

The best way to view (and buy) coloured diamonds is through an established online retailer, which allows you to take your time, and after all, this is a very special occasion that demands careful consideration. The online dealer would typically have a wide range of coloured stones at varying prices, and if you happen to live in Australia, the famous Argyle mine is the biggest source of coloured diamonds in the world. There are also various resources online that are full of information about the Western Australian diamond mine that is the best source for coloured stones.

Coloured diamonds are both romantic and elegant, and your partner deserves the best, so consider breaking the mould and going for something uniquely exquisite, and you will never regret it. The perfect combination of coloured diamonds and white gold would really be something different, and if you choose her favourite colour, she will always remember your attention to detail. Then, of course, there is the investment side, and with coloured stones appreciating at a higher rate, the ring will steadily increase in value.