5 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic than Ever Before

Bedrooms are a place for relaxation, sleep and peace, but it’s also a place for intimacy. On that note, here are five ways to change how your bedroom looks and they are guaranteed to turn on the mood for romance every time you enter the room with someone.

Fluffy Pillows and a Well-made Bed

High-class hotels always have the best looking and the most inviting beds because the housekeeping takes time to make them. Ironed, clean bedsheets and fluffy pillows are absolutely necessary to make the bed look inviting and once you do lie down or sit on it, it should feel like a cloud. A few sprays of lavender oil on the sheets might also be a good idea.


How good does your bedroom smell? Does it look cluttered? If you want your bedroom to be romantic, it needs to smell good and look clean. Nothing kills the mood for sex faster than a bad smell and nobody really likes to get intimate in a room that doesn’t look clean. Scented candles are a great way to not only set a romantic mood, but also for making the place smell better. If you have too many things in your bedroom, just get rid of some and if you can’t get rid of some, store them somewhere else other than the bedroom.

Pick Your Colors Wisely

In case you had always wondered, can colors affect sleep and sex? The answer is a resounding yes! Everything from the color of the bedsheet and the pillow covers, to the paint on your wall is important when setting the mood for romance. Colors affect our sleep, sex drive, stress levels and a lot more. For example, yellow has been associated with calmness, while purple is one of the worst colors that you can have in your bedroom as it disrupts sleep.

Mood Lighting is Essential

The only visual cue that impacts the human brain more than colors in a romantic setting is the lighting, because it is a combination of colors and illumination. A romantic bedroom should only have soft, passive lights on, preferably in the form of bedside lamps or maybe just some scented candles. While red is associated with passion, go with orange instead as red illumination can actually cause more stress than arousal.


Strategically placed mirrors around the bedroom not only lets you maximize daylight, but it can also be a great way to get yourself and your partner excited. The very act of being able to look at yourselves while making love is a big turn on for most people.

There’s more to the sensuality of a house than the bedroom of course, but it does play one of the most prominent roles nonetheless. As long as you manage to tick all the boxes on this list and have a sexy playlist on hold for those romantic nights, rest assured that your personal life will pick up pretty soon.