How to Give a New Relationship the Best Possible Start

How to Give a New Relationship the Best Possible Start
One of the things that excites people most and that gives new meaning to their lives is a new relationship. It ushers in a new dawn of hope as well as the mystery of the unknown, which make the lovers yearn to learn all about each other and become more intimate. It does not matter where or how the lovebirds met, be it through a mutual friend, on dating sites in which People Meet for Dates and Romance, or by any other way. The important thing is that they have met a match who they are interested in, and who shares this feeling. The lovers then have the hard task ahead of them to build the relationship and blossom it into a beautiful thing—mostly marriage or a long-term intimate relationship. However, getting into a new relationship is not a guarantee that things will work out. This is why it is vital to give it the best possible start, which will lead to a higher chance of success.

Below are some tips that will help you start off your relationship in the best possible manner:


Although you are overjoyed to find someone who you feel is a great match, restrain yourself from celebrating before you have allowed the relationship enough time to grow. Avoid going public with your new relationship, for example by posting on social sites, informing your friends or colleagues about your newfound love, and other such things. The reason for this is to save face if things do not work out, and to minimize any sabotage from ill wishers or from former lovers who may wish to avenge for previously ditching them.


The fact that you are dating somebody or have started off a relationship with them does not mean that you own them. You should allow each other enough space by not hanging out together too much, as well as by not being in communication all the time, for example through calls, text messages, or emails. It is wise to give the relationship space by not keeping in touch a lot so that you miss each other and look forward to the next call or message or meeting.


Almost everyone has been through tough or crazy things in their lives, and as they take the relationship a notch higher, they will share these times with their partners. However, revealing all these things in the first meeting may spoil the relationship and lessen your chances of a future together. Remember, if the relationship works, you will have a whole lifetime together, which is also how much time you will have to get to know each other. All the same, this does not mean that partners should keep secrets about vital things that may affect their future relationship.


Appreciating your partner will cement your relationship and establish a powerful bond. From the onset, show them you are thankful even for the least of things, like sparing some time to chat with you. You may say something like, “It’s been nice talking to you. You made my evening much better.” Do not try to change your partner

You must bear in mind that you have started a relationship with a unique person, but not with a piece of yourself or with what you perceive to be your perfect lover. You should accept them with their habits and not try to alter them to match your requirements. You may lose your newfound lover if you decide to change or restrain them to your preferences from the very beginning.