How To Dress For A Formal School Event

How often has your newsfeed been filled with stories of girls being sent home from prom for being inappropriately dressed? We’ve all seen the stories. Sometimes, they may be wearing something perfectly acceptable, but other times, it may be just a little too revealing. So, what exactly is the general dress code for high school formal events?

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Dress Codes For Girls

Most high schools state that you cannot wear a formal dress cut below the bust line. The bust, it should be noted, continues around the sides, just under the armpits. When you put your arms down at your sides, and flesh touches the bust line, the dress is considered inappropriate. Midriffs are also a no-no. Both front and side midriffs may not be exposed. If you put your arms down at your side and flesh touches flesh in your midriff section, the dress may well be inappropriate. If the dress has a sheer cut out, you’ll have to ensure that there is material under the cut out so skin is not shown.

As for dresses with slits, the slit may not exceed midthigh. Also, you cannot try to cover up your dress with sweaters, shawls or coats. Further, fabric inserts are to be sewn and not pinned on the dress. If the inserts don’t meet dress code, you may not be permitted into your school’s formal event.

As for sleeves, you can usually get away with spaghetti straps or strapless dresses provided they fit properly. Dresses for formal school events can also be backless, as long as they’re not cut below the navel.

On the whole, 2-piece dresses cannot overlap at the waist, or with the skirt waistband. Finally, undergarments should never be visible, schools will never permit see-through apparel, and dresses that re too tight or low-cut.

Dress Codes For Guys

Even guys have to follow formal dress codes for school events. These include:

– Guys must wear formal attire
– Formal attire is considered a dress suit or tuxedo along with a bow tie or tie
– A suit must include a dress shirt which may include a cummerbund or vet
– Dress shoes are permitted
– Shirts must be worn at all times
– Athletic and tennis shoes are not acceptable
– Hats are usually allowed
– Many schools do not allow canes

Prom and homecoming are special nights for high school students, which is why it’s important to maintain the formality and integrity of the event by following your school’s dress code. Often, students who are inappropriately dressed are turned away at the door.

Fortunately, 2019 is the season for tasteful, appropriate and gorgeous dresses. Make sure you seek prior approval for anything not on your school’s list to ensure you still have a very special night at your formal event. If you are going as someone else’s date to a different school be sure to get the dress code well in advance so you can find the perfect outfit for the occasion.