A Guide to Surprising Your Partner At Work On A Special Occasion

A Guide to Surprising Your Partner At Work On A Special Occasion
If you are looking for a way to surprise your partner this coming Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion) you will likely wish to do something at their place of work, which is a way of showing her colleagues how much you care. While every woman will be secretly wishing to have someone showering them with gifts at work on this special day, with a little careful planning, you can make it a reality for your partner. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration on how best to surprise her with a workplace gift.

The Pizza Delivery

This takes a little planning, but most pizza delivery companies would be only too happy to become involved in a surprise gift presentation. Order her favourite pizza and have the delivery guy meet you near her office, where you can do one of two things - either place the gift inside the pizza box or even better, borrow the uniform and deliver it yourself. She will be surprised enough that you took the trouble to order her lunch, but when she realises what the real gift is, it will bring tears of joy to her eyes.

The Bouquet Of Flowers

This can either be done in person or have a courier company deliver the flowers. Either way, there will be a special package within the bouquet that contains an item of jewellery, and whether delivered by you or a courier, this double gift will be very warmly appreciated. You could get her a Valentine's Day necklace that is her style, and combined with a bouquet of red roses, she will always recall this Valentine’s Day with a special fondness.

Enlist The Help Of Her Colleagues

This will allow you to smuggle the gift into her office and possibly have it placed in her workstation drawer or on top of her computer keyboard. Another idea is for your inside help to conceal the gift somewhere and ask your partner to help look for an important file, making sure she is the one who finds the mystery package. There are a few more novel ways to surprise your partner with a gift at work, which might give you some inspiration.

Ask The Boss To Help

Assuming, of course, that she has the type of boss who would enjoy springing a surprise, you could ask them to beckon your partner into their office, preferably with a stern voice. The very last thing she would be thinking about is any kind of gift, indeed she would be readying herself for a scolding, and when the boss suddenly announces the real reason for the meeting, she will be more than a little relieved, especially when the boss hands over the gift. Just how creative you go with this very much depends on the boss, and if they are happy to play along, you could pretend that there’s another reason why she has been called in.

Whatever you choose, make sure that she will fall in love with the gift, which would likely be some quality jewellery, and if all goes to plan, it will be a Valentine’s Day gift that she will always remember.