Edible Crayon and Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars by Unelefante

Mexican boutique Unelefante recently released original chocolate bars that look like they've been covered with real melted crayons and splashes of paint. Named after artist Jackson Pollock, these chocolate bars called "Pollock" are made of 54% cocoa with hand-painted fun splashes of paint and melted crayon details made using dyed cocoa butter. The vivid colours of these chocolate bars are a real feast for the eyes. The chocolate will also probably be a great joy for one’s stomach as well, for these bars were made by some of the finest cocoa producers in Colombia.

There's also another series of bars by Unelefante called “The Secret Garden”, a 65% cocoa delicacy decorated with crystallized flower petals, cardamom, and pieces of dried apricots and pistachios.

image source: unelefante via thisiscolossal