How to Style Men's Suspenders **

Experts on all varieties of gentleman accessories, Punk Monsieur, are here to help you embrace your braces. Supplying you advice about key trends and style ideas on how to wear stylish suspenders in 2014. Meaning that you can wear men's braces without looking like an 80's investment banker, unless, of course, that is your intention!

From rock n' roll legends like Slade, to Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street. Suspenders (or braces all they are called in the UK) have pushed style boundaries and are one of the most versatile accessories that a man can acquire.

They were first designed in the 1820s by Albert Thurston who made them as an undergarment to replace the belt. High-waisted trousers were all the rage at the time (we are talking Simon Cowell style here) and belts were not effective at hoisting those bad-boys high enough.

It was considered extremely rude (I think the official wording was “sartorially indecent”) to have your braces on display in public until around 1938, so they remained a hidden item for over a century. But, thank the lord, a suspender revolution occurred in Long Island, New York, and now braces are shown in all their fashionable glory as an epic accessory in any gentleman's closet.

So without further ado here are some of our suspender clad heroes bringing style influence from the past and present with advice on how to channel their looks:

How to style men's suspenders for 2014

(image source: The modern look with a touch of punk has to be kept casual and effortless to have a stylish vibe. Team a sleeveless slogan tee with skinny jeans and chunky shoes or boots to complete the outfit. Blogger, Danny Hobbs demonstrates how to wear the braces both up and down to complement a laid back style.

We recommend these houndstooth braces to replicate this look.

(Speakeasy Life /// image source: Get twizzling that moustache and order a scotch on the rocks at your favourite down-town joint. This classic modern gangster look is a favourite with the city dwellers paying respects to their style roots. Classic black and grey or tweeds really does this look justice.

We recommend these vintage brown braces for this look.

(The Sharp Suited Businessman /// image source: unknown) Colour is the way to bring this look straight into the 21st century: whether that is the suit itself or a flash of colour with accessories. If you choose modern and sleek tailoring, or tweed jackets paired with brogues, braces will suit every type of office look.

We recommend these slick navy braces to wear with a tailored suit.

(This Is England /// image source: Dr Martens website) Grab your chequered shirt, collarless bomber, don a pair of Dr Marten's and invest in some acid wash jeans. This look is 80s skin head England. Bring it up to date by wearing turned up fitted jeans, or all-out retro by repping some vintage denim.

We recommend these red spotted braces.

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