Why You Should Wear a High End Hoodie

Hoodies, whatever people say or the current trend is, will always be ‘in’, and for good reason. They're jumpers on steroids. Literally. And wearable by anyone — whether you're a home-working employee or a hustling businessman — exquisite hoodies will always be useful and find their place in society. If you're looking for some reasons to wear hoodies, you're in the right place. Not only functional, hoodies can be stylish, too. They're the clothes to get, and here’s why:

High end hoodies are functional

Practicality and Versatility - Unlike their hoodless counterparts, they have many purposes. Whereas a jumper exists to solely keep your torso warm (and perhaps look good as well), a functional hoodie is so much more…

Hat - Windy? Raining? Don’t have a hat? Great — your hoodie is perfect. And it easily transforms from jumper to rain-protector. Perhaps not the clothing of choice for a monsoon, but still great for the unexpected downpour while running down the street.

There’s no need to carry around an extra hat (or umbrella), and it’s very hard to lose in comparison — there’s no chance of it flying away. And, different from a hat, it’s unlikely to squash your hair, making it a great fix for a bad hair day as well.

Scarf - Scarves may exist for more than just their warmth, namely their style, but hoodies? No. If you're not interested in the extra piece of fabric wrapped around your neck — a hoodie is perfect.

Okay, it’s not the perfect scarf, but it works just as well — covering your neck. And unlike your scarf, you’ll never lose it or struggle to find it. And if you don’t even like hats, scarves or umbrellas, you get their combined functionality without actually owning any of them. Did we mention it also serves as a jumper?

Comfort - Clothes don’t get comfier than an exquisite hoodie. It’s the ultimate upper-body relaxing item — great for lounging around, but also wearable in public.

You may not wear it to a business meeting (unlike Mark Zuckerberg), but you can still wear it out and about. Cosy and comfortable, what’s better?

Sports - Made popular by boxers in the 70s, there’s no better garment to wear for sports. Also durable, hoodies are the perfect combination of lightweight and warmth, making them a great choice among runners and joggers as well. Some gym-goers like to cover up with a hoodie to reduce distraction. This allows them to focus on the workout and the movement, not themselves.

It’s easy to see why a functional and durable hoodie is the choice of many — it provides warmth, comfort, versatility and practicality. But more than useful, they can be stylish as well.

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image source: jakandjil.com