Friday Favorites #12

01. This all white everything apartment currently for sale on Fantastic Frank. Just let me know when I can move in and I'll start packing immediately!
02. This uber on point photo from Lily Stan's lookbook.
03. The new VOGUE.COM! Way cleaner, enjoyable to read and navigate than the old design - and the cat doodles at the top is just so cute!
04. This cinnamon sugar sourdough french toast bake w/ whipped greek yogurt cream recipe from How Sweet It Is. Perfect for a Sunday morning anytime.
05. Olivia of Lust for Life's Santorini post. The photos are absolutely breathtaking!
06. Sarah Hyland's head-to-toe look at the 66th Emmy's Awards last Monday.
07. L’Oreal's new campaign featuring some of its ambassadors like Blake Lively, Zoe Zaldana, Jane Fonda and Juliane Moore. Too much beauty in one picture!
08. The Stowes' handmade leather "wayfaring tote" which is currently available at Of A Kind.
09. This really gorgeous indoor stoop from Thing Industries. Perfect for seating and storing/displaying stuff.

Have a wonderful and fun weekend, friends! xo