A Gift From The Heart

A love soaked gift is a cherished reminiscence forever. Every woman likes to have it from the man she loves with all her heart. When, this surprise gift turns out to be a piece of gemstone jewelry, she feels overwhelmed and excited. We know, almost every man will desire to see his beloved woman happy and blushing.

But, what will you do if she is a lover of green gemstone and you don’t have that much amount to spend on her dream emerald gift? I know most of you will just opt to change the plan and just start thinking about presenting her a different gift. but did you know that you can actually quench her thirst for a green hued jewelry, without breaking your bank? Nature is very rich and has provided us with gemstones all in a wide range of colors. We just get allured and captivated by precious gems like emerald, but the fact is, there are more green colored gems and one of which is Peridot. This semi-precious gem costs much less and showcases resplendent beauty.

These gems are encrusted in rings, earrings and pendants and the most interesting aspect is that, they combine well with other colored gemstones as well. Their dazzling combination with forever brilliant diamonds will leave her in awe. E-Tailers like Angara.com have a wide range of exclusively designed peridot jewelry where you can make a flamboyant choice. Isn’t it a great idea to please her with green gemstone jewelry and at the same time keeping up with your budget? We know it is; and she will certainly cherish it for life!

featured image: supermodel and actress natasha poly at the red carpet premiere of madagascar 3 / popsugar.com