The Best Ultra Thin Iphone Cases

Finding the perfect iPhone case can be a tough challenge – especially if you’re looking to add protection without compromising style. Many iPhone cases on the market are impractical, too bulky or simply cheap and funky.

Fortunately for us, there is totallee, the maker of thin iPhone cases. They are a California–based startup that has developed a better alternative: Well-made cases that protect your device and your sense of style. All of their iPhone cases have been stripped of the unnecessary: no logos, no bulk, no funky patterns, and no extra features. They offer a collection of the most minimalistic and some of the thinnest iPhone cases on the market (their thinnest case, the Scarf, is as thin as your fingernail).

What makes totallee’s cases different is their careful attention to detail and style. Everything they do is simply elegant and well-made, from their cases all the way down to their packaging, which comes with a hand-signed warranty card.

Now let’s take a look at their collection:

The Doberman (0.06” thin)
This is a slim case that is still very durable and rugged. This is definitely a fantastic case for everyone with an active lifestyle as it offers plenty of drop protection. If you’re like us and love everything black, this case is perfect for you.

The Spy (0.04” thin)
This case is completely transparent and offers invisible protection for your iPhone. If you care about the aesthetics of your phone, you can’t find a better case. It feels soft and grippy. Are you lucky enough to own a rose gold iPhone? It’s time to show it off with this clear case.

The Scarf (0.02” thin)
This is one of the thinnest cases in the world. It’s the ultimate case for stylish minimalists. It is so thin the Apple logo will show through the back of the case when applied. The Scarf is available in four colors: black, grey, white and navy blue. Because it will add zero bulk it’s a great option for everyone that might not use a case yet or anyone looking to keep their iPhone as thin as possible.

All totallee cases are available for $19 on their website Totallee not only offers super thin iPhone cases but some of the best customer service we have seen. Last year for Christmas they mailed out hand-poured chocolate iPhones to past customers as a thank you gift. Now that’s a sweet startup we like to support.

This post is in collaboration with Totallee.