Vintage Sunglasses for This Summer

Sunglasses are always the star of a summer outfit and there is no wonder why because they are the perfect combination of style and safety. This summer is all about going back to basics and bringing your vintage sunglasses out again. Vintage is an eternal style that is the perfect option to finish off your summer outfit.

Cat-eye frames are one of the most vintage styles; an unparalleled charm that demonstrates your most feline side. But they are also a style that has been featured in some of the most iconic films and faces. Who doesn’t remember those fabulous sunglasses in Thelma and Louise? Plastic and round frames are also a celebration of the past.

What is so cool about this style is that they combine perfectly with any outfit. This is why they are so popular; they are acceptable for any occasion and event. As well as all these styles, there is one that standouts, oversized lenses! These are pure class, accentuate your natural beauty and take us back to those bold ‘80s.

Vintage sunglasses are made with a variety of materials. Wood, plastic or metal frames are combined with gilded embellishments. This merge of retro and modern styles is a total success and no one can deny that they are a great wear for summer.

There is nothing more vintage than aviator sunglasses as they were the first ever commercial sunglasses, and Humps makes some of the nicest classic aviator sunglasses. These tear-drop lenses instantly make you look sexy and adventurous as it takes you back to those pilot movies with Tom Cruise or Josh Harnett.

A great place to find a pair of sexy aviator sunglasses or a vintage cat-eye frame is Sunglasses Maniac, an online sunglasses shop where you will find these and many more sunglasses. Why not make this summer vintage?